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Haitians commemorate victims of devastating quake

Four years ago, a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti to its core. Today, Haitians pay tribute to over 300,000 lives lost. Small ... tags: anniversarycatastrophiccommemoratefourthHaitisJillianquake

Arctic chill brings freezing weather to U.S.

Residents in the Midwest United States are dealing with a blast of Arctic air. And with it comes the coldest temperatures they've seen in ... tags: airArcticbringsfreezingJillianKitchenerStates

Ukrainian protesters celebrate orthodox Christmas

Still camped out in Kiev's Independence Square, Ukrainian anti-government protesters celebrate Orthodox Christmas... Braving the cold for a ... tags: IndependanceJillianKievsmassorthodoxprotestersreports

'Life-threatening' cold bites U.S. Midwest

The Midwest braces for the coldest weather they've seen in two decades. Forecasters warn the frigid temperatures could be life-threatening, ... tags: coldJillianlife-threateningMidwestreportstwoUnited

Palestinian envoy killed by explosion at Prague home

Police in the Czech Republic are investigating a home explosion that killed the Palestinian ambassador to Prague on Wednesday. The ... tags: ambassadorenvoyexplosionhisJillianofficialsPalestinian

Times Square crystal ball gets a makeover

And with that, the makeover is complete. All 2,688 panels on the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball have been replaced with a brand new ... tags: 2688ballbrandEveforgetsJillian

Russia drops charges against Greenpeace activists

Russia formally drops criminal charges for Greenpeace activists arrested during a protest over Arctic oil drilling. Greenpeace said 29 of ... tags: activistsarrestedchargesformallyGreenpeaceJillianKremlin

Snowy weather in the Middle East

Snow blankets parts of the Middle East. Israeli authorities said at least 20 inches fell since Thursday, as the snow continues in ... tags: andareaJerusalemJillianlivingpeoplereports

Iran launches second monkey into space

A monkey was blasted into space for the time -- and brought back safely -- according to the Iranian Space Agency. An Iranian news channel ... tags: andbackintoIranJillianKitchenerlive

Mass funeral for 52 people killed in Yemen

A mass funeral in Yemen, for the 52 people killed in last week's attack on the defense ministry. An attacker drove a car packed with ... tags: DefenceforfuneralJillianlastMinistrypeople

Tunisian migrants rescued off Italian coast

The Italian navy and coast guard rescued fifty-five Tunisian migrants off the Italian island of Pantelleria Sunday night. The migrants were ... tags: andislandJillianmigrantsoffoverPantelleria

South Africans celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela

South Africans are celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. Though they are saddened by the news of his death, his accomplishments are much ... tags: Africansannouncementanti-apartheidcelebratedeathJillianlife