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Today Show Psychic

There was a bullshit psychic on the 'Today Show.' I wish he'd had the balls to just lie like a man.Shared by Penn SaysOn Tuesday, June ... tags: @pennsaysatheistbullshitfakejilletteliarlibertarian

Princess Party

I hate the whole idea of royalty, but I had to wear a little crown for my daughter's Cinderella party.Shared by Penn SaysOn Monday, June ... tags: @pennsaysatheistbirthdaybritishcinderellacrowndaughter

Endless Orgy for the Goddess of Perversion

I miss big old pubic bushes. I miss bad bad women doing dirty dirty films that could now be shown on MTV.Shared by Penn SaysOn Friday, ... tags: @pennsaysatheistbadbigboobbushescomedy

Cynicism is Hateful

I was fighting with a 'hateful' poker pro over the cynicism of the redistribution of wealth.Shared by Penn SaysOn Tuesday, June 23, ... tags: @pennsaysatheistclassCynicismfinancesfincaialHateful

Blocking Scientology

Wikipedia is blocking Scientologists. They're not the government, so that's a-okay with me.Shared by Penn SaysOn Thursday, June 11, ... tags: @pennsaysatheistblockingcruisecultjillettejohn

Funeral For a Friend

'The gift of a bible' keeps giving. Now some pastor is referencing 'Penn J.' who could that be at a funeral.Shared by Penn SaysOn Monday, ... tags: @pennsaysatheistbiblefriendfuneralgiftjillette

Michael Jackson and Bullshit

I had to go on the radio in Chicago and sell my stupid Bullshit TV show, right when Michael Jackson died. Im such an asshole.Shared by ... tags: @pennsaysassholeatheistBullshitchicagodeathdied

Sony and the Stooges

I am so proud to be associated with the company that is showing proper respect to The Three Stooges and it took them only 70 years to do ... tags: @pennsaysatheistcurlyjillettelarrylibertarianmoe

American Idol Ignorance

'Ignorance of your Culture is not Considered Cool' I've lived by that, but American Idol makes me wonder.Shared by Penn SaysOn Monday, ... tags: @pennsaysabdulamericanatheistbrianbritain'scowell

From the Great Apes to Cyberspace

I finished this book about how cooking shaped our evolution, and it made me think of my own annoying theory.Shared by Penn SaysOn ... tags: @pennsaysannoyingApesatheistcookingCyberspaceevolution