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Islamophobia Videos by Popular

Islamophobia on the Rise in UK

Youth should be the time of our lives but for thousands of young people living in the UK from diverse backgrounds, it has become filled ... tags: AbuseIslamophobiaRacism

Islamophobia Trailer

A trailer made by abdul for his media coursework. Not to be taken seriously tags: ComedyIslamophobiaParodytrailer

Biased British media and Islamophobia

The shocking killing of Lee Rigby earlier this year by people believing themselves to be Muslims was predictably followed by weeks of media ... tags: attacks_on_mosqueBritish_MuslimsIslamIslamophobiaLee_RigbyMohammed_SaleemPavlo_Lapshyn

Global oppression& Muslim's resistance

Oppression is a state of being subjugated to a prolonged state of cruelty. Resistance is the capacity to combat these subjugations. tags: 911Global_oppressionIslamIslamophobiaMuslimsMuslim_resistancePress_TV

Hijab Controversy in Lagos

Incidents infringing on the rights of female student to wear their hijab in public schools in the Nigerian commercial city of Lagos has ...

Islamophobia in New York is mainstream

In a New York City civil court, proceedings have just begun in a lawsuit filed on behalf of a 12 year old child. The child was reciting an ...

Muslims influence on British politics

Parliament has returned from its summer recess and British politics is back on the agenda. The ability to influence another individual is a ...

Tommy Robinson leaves Far Right English Defence League

In a move that has caught most observers completely by surprise, the Leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson has quit the far ...

Main London mosque evacuated following bomb threat

Following the killing of machine gunner Lee Rigby in the Woolwich area of London, attacks against Muslims have steadily risen.

Muslim women go beyond veil in UK

This is the image of Muslim women being splashed across the tabloid press in Britain.

‘NYC stop and frisk is unconstitutional'

The most storied and prominent police force in the nation has just been caught implementing a racially discriminatory policy by means of ...

UK police hunt Islamic Centre arsonists

The last 72 hours have been traumatic ones for those who run and frequent the popular Harlow Islamic Centre.