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Irreducible Complexity Videos by Popular

Michael Behe - Life Reeks Of Design

The complexity found in the simplest bacterium known to science easily outclasses the complexity of any machine man has made. These ... tags: Intelligent_DesignIrreducible_ComplexityJesus_Is_LordMolecular_MachinesScience_TechStephen_Meyer

Molecular Machine Bacterial Flagella - Intelligent Design - Scott Minnich - Video Excerpt

Molecular Machine Bacterial Flagella - A Paradigm For Intelligent Design - Scott Minnich - entire video Minnich homepage best known ... tags: Intelligent_DesignIrreducible_ComplexityJesus_Is_LordMolecular_BiologyMolecular_MachineMolecular_MotorPeople_Stories

Predictions from an Intelligent Design Perspective: Conversation with Biologist Luman Wing, Part 3

On this episode of ID the Future, biologist Luman Wing explains to Casey Luskin about the predictions of an intelligent design perspective ... tags: bloodblood_clottingclottingcomplexitydarwinismdesigndna

Questioning Darwinian Dogma: Conversation with Biologist Luman Wing, Part 1

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews Luman Wing, a signer of the Dissent from Darwinism list who has spent many years ... tags: creationismDarwindarwinismDiscovery_InstituteevolutionIntelligent_Designirreducible_complexity

Texas Darwinists Oppose Critical Thinking

On this episode of ID the Future Casey Luskin explains how Texas Darwinists would rather impose dogmatism on evolution education than adopt ... tags: creationismDarwindarwinismDiscovery_InstituteevolutionIntelligent_Designirreducible_complexity

Interview with National Academy of Sciences Member Philip Skell, Part Three

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews National Academy of Sciences member Phillip Skell on his advice for young ... tags: creationismDarwindarwinismDiscovery_InstituteevolutionIntelligent_Designirreducible_complexity