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The Origin of Life - Prof John Walton

Professor John Walton asks the question quotCould life have started through chance chemical reactions on the primordial Earth quot John is ... tags: abiogenesiscomplexityhypercyclesirreducibleproteinrnasynthesis

Evolution for IDiots (remix)

While going through the old vids, getting together the why do people laugh at creationists series WDPLAC I came across the 'lost' material ... tags: algorithmcomplexitycreationdawkinsdesigndiscoverydna

The Origin of the Brain

The human brain contains over 100 billion neurons, and roughly 1 quintillion synapses. But how did it all get started How did the first ... tags: ActionAnemoneBraincdk007CentralChannelCircuit

Predictions from an Intelligent Design Perspective: Conversation with Biologist Luman Wing, Part 3

On this episode of ID the Future, biologist Luman Wing explains to Casey Luskin about the predictions of an intelligent design perspective ... tags: bloodblood_clottingclottingcomplexitydarwinismdesigndna

Disproving Intelligent Design with a Mouse Trap

Dr. Kenneth Miller uses Dr. Beatty's very own example of a mouse trap to prove why he thinks the central idea of intelligent design, ... tags: complexityDarwindesigndr.beattyevolutionintellignetirreducible

Does Darwinism Lead to Moral Relativism?

On this special recast episode of ID The Future, CSC senior fellow Dr. John West examines whether or not Darwinian evolution supports a ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

What is Falsifiability and Can ID Be Falsified?

CSC's Logan Gage interviews senior fellow Jay Richards about how philosophers of science use demarcation criteria to determine what is or ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

A Discussion of the Montana Law Review's Recent Publication of Articles about the Dover Intelligent ...

On this episode of ID The Future, CSC's Casey Luskin discusses with senior fellow David DeWolf the current issue of the Montana Law Review ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

Is Antibiotic Resistance Evidence for Darwinian Evolution?

This episode of ID The Future features the audio of a short video segment from the Icons of Evolution curriculum modules DVD. Antibiotic ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

What Does it Mean to be Denied Tenure? The Case of ID Scientist Guillermo Gonzalez

On this episode of ID The Future CSC's Casey Luskin interviews Dr. John West about the case of Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, a noted astronomer ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomastronomyatheismBehebiology