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YTV Continues to Report Pedophiles and Stalkers

Trolls and stalkers from EncyclopediaDramatica and the YouTube Yahweh Clan hate group continue to threaten, stalk, and harass kids and ... tags: BulliesClanCobaltDiselenidedynacatlovesmeencyclopediadramaticaHarassment

The YTV Has Sad News for the Trolls, Stalkers, Racists, Perverts and Pedophiles

UFckingRetrdedNgger - another EncyclopediaDramatica/YouTube Yahweh Clan racist troll was suspended.Minor children should inform a ... tags: BulliesClanDynaCatLovesMeEncyclopediaDramaticaHarassmentIrish282J122COCK

J122COCK and The Yahweh Clan: Child Stalkers & their Victims

Update J122COCK GordonXTaylor on Twitter is posting copied videos about the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Ironic, considering he is a member ... tags: Bullies Clan Cobalt Diselenide dynacatlovesme encyclopediadramatica Harassment

TheReptube: Another sick troll suspended

Pedophiles and child predators are a serious problem on Youtube and the internet. For someone such as TheReptube and his 'associates', a ... tags: aceuno1 bullying cobaltdiselenide defamation dynacatovesme harassment Irish282

Cyberterrorists are not Child Advocates - Re: TheReptube Suspension, and information for all

This will help clarify the reality of casting reckless and outright false allegations against innocent persons, and the consequences that ... tags: aceuno1 bullying CEOP clan cobaltdiselenide defamation dynacatovesme

"My Steve Sedlar Reaction" (Vivaldi)

Due to popular demand, another random video as a response to the moronic videos posted by trolls, pedophiles, and perverts who are ... tags: Abuse Child Hate Irish282 Logan Logansperman logansperman2

LoganSperman NYC Reaction

LoganSperman2 is a great kid who stands up against hate, abuse, and racism. He is someone who cares about fairness and justice for ... tags: Dynacatlovesme Hate Help Irish282 Logan Logansperman Sedlar

Report Stalkers of LoganSperman2, Steve Sedlar and Other Kids

The Internet harassment and stalking of LoganSperman2, Steve Sedlar, and other kids by predators, perverts, pedophiles, and obsessed child ... tags: abuse Bullies child Clan Cyberstalking Dynacatlovesme harassment

666: the Number of the Least

666 is the number of Encyclopedia Dramatica and Yahweh Clan supporting or inspired accounts terminated.The YTV will continue to report ... tags: 666 abuse Bullies child Clan Cyberstalking Dynacatlovesme

Internet Attacks on LoganSperman2, Steve Sedlar, and Other Kids

The Internet attacks on LoganSperman2, Steve Sedlar, and other Kids by predators, perverts, pedophiles, and obsessed child stalkers ... tags: abuseBullieschildClanCyberstalkingDynacatlovesmeharassment