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Kanye: Kardashians Are Interracial Couple Role Models 

Kanye West thinks the Kardashian women should be praised for being in interracial relationships. He makes this statement while defending ... tags: aboutcoupleshollyscoopinterracialkanye_westkardashianmodels

Poll: Americans hopeful about ending discrimination

Most Americans say there is lingering racial discrimination in this country. But, in a CBS News poll, 73 percent say 'real progress' has ...

The First and Last Date

Sometimes the online-dating scene isn't that rewarding.

Refugees back to Mauritania_Reporter_FRANCE24_EN

18 years after interracial conflicts in Mauritania, Moussa and his family, black Mauritanian refugees, are leaving Senegal. tags: blackconflicsFRANCE24interracialmauritaniamauritanianrefugee

How does the Supreme Court decide which cases it will take? Ask USA TODAY

Which cases will the Supreme Court take Editorial writer George Hager explains how the nine justices decide in his answer to this reader ... tags: actionaffirmativecourtEditorialgayinterracialmarriage

In Your Cheerios: Commercial Met With Racist Comments

Cheerios eventually disabled the comments feature on the YouTube video. tags: adbusinesscheerioscouplefamilyinterracialmixed

Are there degrees of difference between interracial and intercultural relationships?

Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald discusses the different degrees of intercultural and interracial relationships. tags: ChallengeCommunityCultureCustomFamilyInterculturalInterracial

Are there tips to making an interracial or intercultural relationship work any differently than any ...

Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald provides tips on making an intercultural or interracial relationship work. tags: ChallengeCommunityCultureCustomFamilyInterculturalInterracial

Understanding the Challenges of Interracial and Intercultural Relationships

Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald provides an overview of the challenges of interracial and intercultural dating. tags: ChallengeCommunityCultureCustomFamilyInterculturalInterracial

Why would someone be attracted to someone from another race or culture?

Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald explains why someone would be attracted to a person from another race or culture. tags: ChallengeCommunityCultureCustomFamilyInterculturalInterracial

How will our separate communities accept our relationship?

Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald provides tips for helping each partner's community accept your relationship. tags: ChallengeCommunityCultureCustomFamilyInterculturalInterracial

What kinds of existing problems within a current relationship should be considered?

Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald discusses what types of problems should be considered in a current relationship. tags: ChallengeCommunityCultureCustomFamilyInterculturalInterracial