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Interest Videos - 6 by Popular

Wall Street Rallies as Fed Announces QE3 With Plans to Buy $40 Billion in Mortgage Securities

Speculation has swirled over the last few weeks over whether or not the Fed would announce a third round of bond purchases to stimulate the ... tags: backedbernankefederalfomcinterestmortgagedqe3

Is this the world's oldest tennis player?

Argentine Artin Elmayan is thought to be the world's oldest competitive tennis player. Report by Lambornk. Like us on Facebook at and ... tags: AiresAmericaAndArgentinaArtinBuenosFinally

Decline of Dollar hegemony

Over the past few years, the dollar has been falling in value relative to the currencies of its major trading partners due to many reasons ... tags: currencyDeclineforeigninterestmarketsMoneyPress

Low interest rates fuel US car sales rebound

Good news for the US economy as car sales there rose last month by the most since before the start of the financial crisis and recession ... tags: carCarseuronewsfuelinterestLowrates

West Wing Week: Teach Your Parents to Tweet

This week, the President traveled to Virginia and New York to urge Congress not to let interest rates double on student loans and to ... tags: IncinterestkentuckyNewrateTwitterVirginia

Batman Begins - Clip - Whats Your Interest In It

Christian Bale stars in director Christopher Nolan's new take on the origin of the legendary superhero. tags: ActionAdventureBatmanBeginsClipInterestWhats

Bank of the West Sees Rise in Mortgage Applications from HARP 2.0 - Video

For consumers wanting to learn more about HARP, Bank of the West has published Eight Essential Harp Tips and introduced an educational ... tags: affordableBankinterestmortgageOfprogramrate

Studying abroad gets costlier due to falling rupee and higher interest rates

Studying abroad gets costlier due to falling rupee and higher interest rates tags: abroadandcostlierduefallinggetshigher

Obama Chases Youth Vote with Student Debt Plan

US President Barack Obama dashed through key states Tuesday wooing fickle youth voters, addressing the problem of massive student loans ... tags: AmericaBarackinterestloansObamaofrate

Cohesive eurozone in everyone's interest says Obama

President Barack Obama says there is an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth in the eurozone and to boost ... tags: CohesiveeuronewseurozoneeveryonesinterestObamasays

The Person of Interest Crime Scene of the Ronnie Chasen Murder

A leading suspect in the Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen murder has allegedly killed himself Wednesday afternoon, and police authorities ... tags: 120110ChasenCrimeInterestMurderofPerson

Body Bag Removed From Ronnie Chasen Crime Scene

A body bag is seen being wheeled away by coroners at the Person of Interest crime scene of the Ronnie Chasen Murder. tags: BagBodyChasenCrimeInterestofPerson