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How can we give birth to a divine soul? Part-2

If the parents are wanting to enjoy sensual pleasures, thinking the body to be the self, enjoy sex with their body, mind and intellect if ... tags: andbirthdesiresintellectmarriagerelationshiprishis

God: Beyond positive and negative

Q Pranam guruma. If everything is whole then why the differentiation between positive negative is this our imagination or is the existence ... tags: anandmurtiashramenergieseverythinggodgurumaaintellect

How to distinguish between honest and dishonest people?

Q Pranam Gurudev, how we can distinguish between those persons who really need help and persons who are betraying us Gurumaa Well, this is ... tags: anandmurtienlightenedgurumaaintellectjourneymysticpath

Music and Consciousness: a symposium at Maharishi University

02/15/12 What is consciousness What does that have to do with music These questions were explored at Maharishi University's Music and ... tags: AnnawarenesscollegeconsciousnessdimensionEdeducation

Drumming from Within: Drum Circle at Maharishi University

02/15/12 This video shows clips from the final performance that was part of a Creative Musical Arts class focusing on ensemble playing ... tags: AfricanaikiwowoawarenessCirclecollegeconsciousnessdimension

Question: Does improvisation use a different part of the mind? MUM's Music Symposium

01/06/12 'A successful jazz musician plays from the same place that a successful opera singer sings from.' Answered by Gene Watts at ... tags: classicalcollegeConsciousness-Basedcreativitydimensioneducationexpression

You Use Only 10 % Of Your Brain: Myth or Fact?

Do you believe the old maxim that humans use only 10 of their brains If so, you might be surprised to find this myth debunked tags: BrainBrain_FunctionBrain_PowerHealth_MythHuman_BrainHuman_PotentialIntellect

Lenon Honor How to Decode Media Manipulation 1 of 4

To view this video in full visit To download the full 12 hour video series visit Visit my new ... tags: 911 ada Alex jones Alternative News Analysis BP Oil Spill Corexit

Wolfgang Schirmacher. On Geert Lovink. 2011 2/2

10/26/11 Wolfgang Schirmacher, philosopher and author, talking about Geert Lovink's background and topics from his book Zero Comments. ... tags: Aristotle Assange body Foucault Friedrich Geert insight