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Behind The Counter Comics Ep. 89 - Inhumanity 12-12-13

Rich and Jon have returned from their hiatus with tidings of comic book stories far and wide Join them on this new episode as they discuss ... tags: avengers_infinitydc_comicsinhumaneInhumanitymarvelmarvel_comics

Greenpeace activists said to be held under 'inhumane'...

Greenpeace activists detained last month after attempting to scale a Russian owned Arctic oil platform are being kept under 'inhumane' ...

Horse meat: Honest business or inhumane?

Americans keep horses to ride and race, but in other parts of the world, they're treated as livestock - the same as cattle or poultry. CBS ...

Castrate paedophiles: Russia gets medieval on child abusers

Convicted paedophiles in Russia could soon be chemically castrated.Parliament is set to discuss the law, which supporters hope will stop ... tags: abusecastrationchildchildrencriminalsinhumanelaw

'Hummer Rabbi' who tortured kids expelling demons extradited

A self-styled rabbi has arrived in Israel after being extradited from Brazil to stand trial on grotesque child abuse charges. Elior Noam ... tags: abusechildexorcismhummerinhumaneIsraelscandal

Gitmo Gulag: More Torture, More Terror?

The American special forces' mission to kill Al Qaeda's leader was hailed a success by Washington. But there is now widespread criticism ... tags: CIAhumaninhumaneLeonPakistanPanettaprison

The Real Reason Why Circumcision is Done

As the Rabbi Moses Maimonides believed, circumcision is performed to destroy the sexual response as much as possible without effecting ... tags: americabiblebriscircumcisionhuman sexualityhumaneinhumane

Circumcision Television (

Please share this link on Facebook and via email. There should be a channel on tv that's dedicated to this 24/7. The way that circumcision ... tags: 455555advertisingamericababybaby boybiasbill hicks

Ruthless Cops Shoot Cow

The police are fucked up Make a change TAKE THE POWER BACK This is absolutely RIDICULOUS tags: abuse animals aspca blooded cold Cow crooked

Reno Rodeo Horses Shocked

Rodeo people deny that their horses are abused or forced to buck. This video shows the truth as horses are shocked at the 2011 Reno Rodeo. tags: Association Bronc Corrupt Coward Cowboy Cruel Electric

August 13-14 Video Diary #002 Civil Rights Violations Police Abuse East Baton Rouge Parish Prison LA

2nd Video Diary, recounting different aspects and events of August 09 -12 at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, after being Kidnapped at ... tags: Baton Civil East Baton Rouge Parish Prison East Baton Rouge Sheriff Kidnapping Machine New

Ongoing Hunger Strike at Pelican Bay Prison

FSRN Prisoners in the isolation wing of the high security Pelican Bay jail are refusing meals and water to protest what they say are ... tags: Bay California conditions FSRN Hunger inhumane isolation