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Infrared Videos - 4 by Popular

Infrared Night Vision Mini Helmet Camera 8 IR

This is a sample video taken using the SC-LED-IR camera at night. This was shot using the 8 IRs model. Buy it from StuntCams tags: 15 cam camera infrared ir jayjones mini

Home Remedy for Leg Shaving Razor Burns

Aesthetician Kelley West shares at-home and professional secrets for doing away with painful razor burn. tags: BurnscareHomeFashion_BeautyforHomeInfraredLeg

Yuri and High Pressure Water - Periodic Table of Videos

Mourning the passing of Yuri E Gorbaty, The Professor discusses his old colleague's important work with water under extreme conditions. ... tags: Gorbaty high infrared periodicvideos pressure Russia temperature

How To Make Spy Gear

In this video from Videojug, Gareth Francis from Working Science shows us how you can make night vision cameras using infrared LEDs and a ... tags: andbatteryelectronicsfun_sciencehomemade_spy_gearinfraredinfrared_LEDs

The Galactic Center Revisited (Gallery Explorer)

Hiding behind the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius is the center of our own Milky Way galaxy, over 25,000 light years away. This ... tags: astronomerastronomyHidden_UniverseinfraredNASANASA'sNatural_Sciences

Energy-Saving Windows Get Smarter

Buildings are responsible for 40 per cent of the countrys energy use. So, researchers are trying improve our energy efficiency by making ... tags: AstronomyatmospherefeaturedflightForInfraredinfrared_light

Circuit Skills: Infrared Light

11/01/11 Infrared light may be invisible to the human eye - but it's usefulness in the world of electronics is easy to see. IR emitters ... tags: circuit Collin Cunningham detector diy electromagnetic electronics emitter

Up All Night on NASA's Flying Telescope

NASA's new flying telescope is allowing astronomers to see the life cycle of far away stars. Lauren Sommer caught a late-night ride on one ... tags: AstronomyatmospherefeaturedflightForInfraredinfrared_light

From Swords to Test Tubes: The Million Veteran Program

A massive database like what the VA is building would allow scientists to compare thousands of anonymous medical records with just a few ... tags: AstronomyatmospherefeaturedflightForInfraredinfrared_light