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QA Does Living Forever Bother You

Does living forever bother you It can bother me because the thought of living FOREVER is a long long long time. How does it feel to never ... tags: AfterlifeEternal_LifeForeverImmoralityLifeLiveQA

Ron Paul: Don't Blame the Pills - Blame the Immorality!

02/23/12 - Please like, share, subscribe comment 2 Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low ... tags: arizonabirth controldebateimmoralitypillsrepublicanron paul

BT Daily: Mardi Gras - Modern Idolatry?

February, 21 2012 - The strange revelries of modern culture have their roots in ancient rites and religion. Bible FAQ What is Mardi Gras ... tags: Ash WednesdayBeyond TodayBT DailyCarnavalCarnivalCorinthEaster

Getting Ready Morally / Educational Video

Part of the 'Are You Ready for Service' series, this film was shown to high school boys at school or church youth groups. It illustrates ... tags: adolesadolescenceaidaidsarmybehaviorbehaviors

'Atheists and skeptics now have equal access to our children'

John McDowell occult propagandist insists Fundamentalist Christian parents cannot 'handle' their own children tags: agnostics apologetics apologist atheism atheists Bible Christian

Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

Neighbors and Gross Negligence Doug McBurney and Bob Enyart present arguments for why marijuana should remain illegal. God does not require ... tags: abortionBest_of_Bobchristianconservativecreationevolutionimmorality

Top 10 Super Powers in Gaming

here to watch Ten FTW - Top 10 Innovators in GamingTen FTW - Top 10 Super Powers in Gaming S03E61It's a bird It's a plane No, wait, ... tags: Aion Albert Evil flight For Fortress FTW