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Tara Talks - Resident Evil 7 and horror games - S2E11

This week Tara talks about Resident Evil 7 rumors, Wind Waker boosting Wii U sales and horror games. Stay to the very end to see her freak ...

Tara Talks - Rockstar gets paid - SE208

This week Tara talks about Rockstar making a shitload of money with GTA 5, the passing of Nintendo godfather Hiroshi Yamauchi and Valve's ...

IGN Daily Fix 04.19.13

New horror game from Resident Evil creator revealed Gears of War Judgement DLC Microsoft makes billions CFO steps down Warner Bros. wins ... tags: daily-fixfeatureign-daily-fix

Week of Feb 22, 2012

Nintendo News Blowout The Last Story confirmed for North America and huge game announcements for 3DS. Also, new details on Borderlands 2 ... tags: announcementborderlandsgameGamingign-daily-fix-nintendothe-last-story-confirmed

Mass Effect 3 Trailer Bonanza

A Mass Effect 3 blowout, Xbox 720's tablet-like controller, Little Big Planet Karting confirmed and Han didn't shoot first tags: 720bigBonanzaEffectignIGN_Daily_Fixkarting

Little Big Planet Karting Rumors

The Last of Us storyline exposed Plus, a Little Big Planet Kart Racer, iPad 3 in March, and a new Double Fine adventure game tags: adventureBigdoublefinegameignIGN_Daily_Fix

IGN Daily Fix: iOS Mass Effect Game Announced

An iOS Mass Effect game that looks good Will the PS Vita UMD Passport Program come to America Plus, what's up with this Amazing Spider-Man ... tags: AmazingAnnouncedDownloadEffectGameGamesign

IGN Daily Fix: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ending Controversy

Square Enix explains Final Fantasy X HD and the controversial ending of FFXIII-2, PlayStation Vita gets some new features and what's up ... tags: ControversyEndingEnixFantasyFinalignIGN_Daily_Fix

IGN Daily Fix: Uncharted 3 DLC Released

New DLC for Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection's PS Vita touch controls, and an awesome trailer for The ... tags: CODCollectionContentDLCDLCUnchartedEliteGear

IGN Daily Fix: Nintendo Network Confirmed

Nintendo Network confirmed, Wii U upgraded, and 2D Mario announced for 3DS. Plus, SoulCalibur V's DLC gets dated/detailed. tags: 3DSConfirmedDateDLCforignIGN_Daily_Fix

IGN Daily Fix 02.02.12: Sony Posts Major Losses

Mass Effect 3's demo brings the gold, Sony loses billions, MW3's DLC dated for PS3 and Syndicate ditches EA's online pass. tags: ditchesgamingignIGN_Daily_FixLossMassiveMass_Effect_3