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Humanist Videos - 4 by Popular

THH #62: Candace Gingrich-Jones: Humanist Pride

Jes Constantine and Todd Stiefel reflect on the AHA 70th Annual Conference, highlighting the acceptance speech by Candace Gingrich-Jones, ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist

How To Convert An Atheist - Part 30

quotATTENTION YOUTUBEquot...quotFAIR USEquot... This site contains copyrighted material. The use of which has not always been specifically ... tags: analysisatheismAtheistBiblechristianchristianityConvert

3.3.3 Atheism: A History of God (Part 1)

I explain how I learned from A History of God by Karen Armstrong that the evidence indicates that the Jewish concept of monotheism evolved ... tags: abrahamamosarmstrongasherahashurbanipalatheistbaal

THH #61: Rebecca Goldstein, Humanist of the Year

Jes Constantine and Todd Stiefel reflect on the AHA 70th Annual Conference, highlighting the acceptance speech by Humanist of the Year, ... tags: humanismhumanistatheistAHAamericanfreethoughtactivism

BURN A KORAN DAY (DC Douglas Bitch-Slaps Terry Jones & Fred Phelps)

Voice over by DC Douglas an intelligence test Is this video real or a jokeTHIS VIDEO IS A PARODY JOKE IT IS NOT REAL IT IS NOT IN ... tags: 911atheismatheistbaptistbibleBurnburning_koran

The Center of all Things

An homage to Carl Sagan's 'Pale Blue Dot,' this video explores humankind's place in the Big Picture. tags: agnosticatheismatheistCarl_SaganChristopher_HitchensDaniel_DennettEducation

THH #60: Shining the Light of Reason

Jes Constantine and Todd Stiefel interview Fred Edwords of United Coalition of Reason, debate the concept that vegan priorities are ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist

THH #59: Introducing Todd Stiefel

Listen to Jes Constantine interview her new co-host, Todd Stiefel. Todd Stiefel lives in Raleigh, NC. He is a secular humanist, an atheist ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist

Two Ways to Heaven

All of the belief systems in the world give basically one of two ways to get to Heaven. tags: atheismAtheistBiblebiblicalbuddhabuddhismChrist

THH #58: Soldier Spiritual Fitness, Rock Beyond Belief, and Darwin Day

Jes Constantine and guest interviewer, Todd Stiefel, speak with Justin Griffith about his experience as an atheist in the U.S. Army and, ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist

THH #57: Jean Shepherd, In God We Trust (All Others Pay Cash)

Listen to the magical monologist, Jean Shepherd, read an excerpt from his 1966 book, 'In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash', which ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist

The Humanist Hour #56: Onward Christian Athletes

'Onward Christian Athletes' author, Tom Krattenmaker, presents his book to AHA's 69th Annual Conference attendees. Also learn more about ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist