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Ireland Loosens Restrictions on Humanist Weddings

Not long ago, Ireland loosened some of its restrictions on marriage, allowing for humanist services to be legally binding rather than ... tags: humanistirelandNewsrestrictionsweddingweddingsWeird

RE: I Hate Religion But I Love Jesus

The Bent Cross. Thought I'd compose a little response to this spoken word nonsense. Sorry about the audio. I'm really sick atm. Take care. ... tags: atheismatheistbiblechristianfaithgodGospel

Tsunami Of Rationality I

The expression of joy of a former Muslim turned an atheist and a humanist on his liberation from shackles of Islam. tags: AhmedanarchismAtheismAtheistCreationismDarwinDebate

Do You Believe in a Secular America? Ten Point Vision contest Winner

Learn about 'A Ten Point Vision of a Secular America' The book 'Attack of the Theocrats How the Religious Right Harms Us ... tags: 10pointvisionagnosticatheistAttack of the Theocratschurch and stateContestFounding Fathers

The Good Book: A Humanist Bible

This is NOT a polished video I just wanted to make a sudgestion on a book that I just bought and what my process was on how and why I got ... tags: ACAtheismBibleBookBooksGoodGrayling

News Bulletin 3 February 2012 -- The Christian Institute

Website Facebook http Twitter YouTube Leaders of the main opposition parties in Scotland ... tags: AirlinesAlainAlaskaassistedAthiestBottonBoyce

The Humanist Hour #69: Freethought Mixtape

Jes Constantine and Todd Stiefel interview satirical musician Roy Zimmerman, Australian freethought singer / songwriter Shelley Segal, and ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist

THH #68: Serving the Humanist Community

Jes Constantine and Todd Stiefel interview Rabbi Binyamin Biber about his services to the community as a Humanist Celebrant and Humanist ... tags: activismAHAamericanatheistdarwinfeminismfeminist

Thanks SkepticTV!

SkepticTV's YouTube Money Raised SSA's Site tags: addictagnosticallianceashleyatheisthealthyhealthyaddict

Atheist Adoption

Perhaps we should all make videos requesting adoption from Bill Donahue I like the video linked in the article on Friendly Atheist ... tags: addictadoptadoptionagnosticanashleyatheist