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Toyota's Fuel Cell Tech with Jonathan Strickland! - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

Patrick took a moment during CES 2014 to talk to FwThinking's Jonathan Strickland about fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen tanks, zero-emission ... tags: ces_2014electricityfcvforward_thinkingfuel_cellfuel_cell_vehiclefwthinking

How Crying Works

You probably did it around 70 times last year, yet you probably dont understand the psychological and physiological processes at work when ... tags: chuckcryingemotionhowstuffworkshow_stuff_worksjoshSociety_Culture

Fasting: deadly or what?

Avoiding food for religious or health reasons has been around for millennia. But while God may appreciate the sacrifice, how does it affect ... tags: chuckdieteatingfastinghowstuffworkshow_stuff_worksjosh

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know- Can you trust your cell phone?

Nowadays cell phone users have an unprecedented level of convenience -- but it comes at a price. Listen in to learn more about what your ... tags: Call LogsCarrier IQCell

The Coolest Stuff on the Planet- Take Me Away to The Seychelles

Where is this chain of 115 islands Which ones are standouts to visit What are some key things to consider while you're on a sailing trip ... tags: archipelagocoolestcultureexplorehowstuffworkshowstuffworks.comislands

Stuff From the Future- What is the future of storytelling?

How will technology affect storytelling in the future Will it be possible to interact with your favorite films Join Deblina Chakraborty, ... tags: filmfromfuturehowstuffworkshowstuffworks.cominnovationinvention

Are contrails actually chemtrails?

You know those trails that jets leave in the sky While science has explained why they happen, plenty of conspiracy theorists believe theres ... tags: chemtrailchuckcontraildon'thowstuffworksjoshknow

How Mexican Wrestling Works

Perhaps its the colorful masks or the high-flying, rapid-fire acrobatic moves. Whatever it is, theres something uniquely and particularly ... tags: chuckhowstuffworkshow_stuff_worksjoshlucha_libremexican_wrestlingSociety_Culture

How Spies Work

Psst. You want to know how governments and corporations get the drop on one another The frontline of intelligence is populated by spies. ... tags: chuckcorporate_espionageespionagehowstuffworkshow_stuff_worksjoshSociety_Culture