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Is this Funny or Cute?

Sometimes when you have to go...You REALLY have to go The Potty Training Puppy Apartment has taken all the benefits of the most popular ... tags: dogdogshousehousebreakinghousetrainingindoorpotty

How To Educate Your Dog

Watch How To Educate Your Dog from the how to specialists. This tutorial will give you informative instructions to make sure you get good ... tags: anddogdog_traininghousetrainingLeisureLifepuppy

How To House Train A Dog

If you have a new puppy or an older rescue dog, chances are you have questions about house training your pet. This video will tell you ... tags: anddog_behaviorsdog_behaviourdog_cocking_legdog_markingdog_traininghouse_training

How To Housetrain Your Dog

Owning a dog can be great fun and truly rewarding but nothing breaks domestic bliss quicker than a suspicious looking stain on the Persian ... tags: anddogdog_traininghousetrainingLeisureLifepuppy

Ed's Dog, Bart, Working on Forrest Micke in Leerburg's New Training Center

This is video of Ed's 15 month old puppy, Bart, working on protection work with Forrest Micke. Bart is working on a bungee and the work is ... tags: dog_packdog_traininghouse_trainingpuppy_trainingTraining

Cindy and Rush Training the Long Jump with Michael Ellis

This video is a training session with Cindy and Rush. They are working on the long jump with Michael Ellis. Rush has problems and Michael ... tags: dog_packdog_traininghouse_trainingpuppy_trainingTraining

Training the Long Jump with Michael Ellis

This week I finished another in the series of dog training DVDs I am doing with Michael Ellis. This one is titled Training the Jumps with ... tags: dog_packdog_traininghouse_trainingpuppy_trainingTraining

Jeremy Norton Socializing His 9 Week Old Puppy

This weekend 12.18.2010, we had a few friends over for training. If you have followed our newsletters and streaming videos, you will ... tags: dog_packdog_traininghouse_trainingpuppy_trainingTraining

Whistle Backs off a Bite Pillow

This short video is of our friend Donna Matey doing whistle backs with her 6 month old puppy, Eager, off bite pillows with Forrest Micke's ... tags: dog_packdog_traininghouse_trainingpuppy_trainingTraining

Forrest Micke Practicing Decoy Work Under Michael Ellis

In this newsletter, we will watch our friend Forrest Micke practicing his decoy skills under Michael Ellis' supervision. Forrest will first ... tags: dog_packdog_traininghouse_trainingpuppy_trainingTraining

Michael Ellis Lecture on The Concept of Rewarding a Dog for the Speed it Performs an Exercise

This short video was filmed at The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in California. It is a lecture by Michael explaining his thought ... tags: dog_packdog_traininghouse_trainingpuppy_trainingTraining