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Hook Videos - 4 by Popular

Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary's principal Dawn Hochsprung

Sandy Hook's hero principal, who died in the Newtown shooting, was full of love and larger than life. Scott Pelley spoke with those that ...

NRA to address calls for stricter gun control

In wake of the Newtown massacre, the National Rifle Association is set to hold a news conference to address the growing calls for stricter ...

Obama to announce effort to prevent gun violence

As more funerals are held for the victims of the Newtown massacre, President Obama is set to announce a new effort to address gun violence. ...

Vicki Soto's family on Obama: Told us she's a hero

First grade teacher Vicki Soto was killed in the Newtown school shooting. Her sisters, Carlee and Jillian, told Gayle King about the ...

Soto family shares last words with fallen daughter

Victoria Soto's mother and sister, Donna and Carlee, tell Gayle King about the last conversation they had with the 27-year-old teacher ...

Pro-gun lawmakers open to changes in gun laws?

As the House and Senate held moments of silence for the gun violence victims in Newtown, Conn, discussion about new gun laws is becoming ...

Can a mental disorder make someone violent?

Adam Lanza, the suspected gunman who killed 26 people in a shooting at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School, may have suffered from ...

Rahm Emanuel: "It's very hard" to take on NRA

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks to Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell about gun control.

Woman starts teddy bear drive for Conn. kids

A Rochester, N.Y., woman started a donation drive to help ease the loss felt by the students struggling to understand what happened at ...

Obama on gun law: "We can do better than this"

In wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, many are questioning whether stronger gun laws will be put in place. Bill Plante ...

Sandy Hook victims remembered by family, friends

Officials released the names of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and now family and friends are telling their stories. ...

Bomb scare in Newtown, Conn., after shooting

A mass was interrupted by a bomb threat adding to the agony the people from Newtown, Conn., are already going through. Jim Axelrod reports.