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Mother says girl took her own life because of bullying

A 12-year-old Florida girl was found dead at a defunct cement plant on Tuesday, and her mother said she is the victim of extreme ...

Family Home Destroyed By Kids With Flour

Is this what they mean by dreaming of a white christmas tags: babieschildrenfamilyhomeschoolinghouseinfantlive

Illegal Homeschooling for "Problem Students"

An estimated 2500 Dutch children sat at home during the last school year, for more than four weeks, because they did not function well in a ... tags: educationHomeschoolingNetherlandsstudents

Simple Steps To Start Homeschooling

Homeschooling expert Leslie Nathaniel explains how to start homeschooling your child or teen. tags: childrenEducationHomeschoolingTeaching

Santorum Slams Public Education, Supports Homeschooling

What does Rick Santorum think about America's public education system Will he homeschool his own kids if he gets in the White House The ... tags: educationhomeschoolhomeschoolingpresidentrick santorum 2012rick santorum educationrick santorum public education

Homeschooling vs. Government Schooling

'On the Box' is a daily Monday through Friday live, 28-, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team. ... tags: answersapologeticsChristianityevangelismGodgospelhelps

The Son of Man is a Black Arabian: Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan "Speaks" Part 7

The actual title of this speech is 'Master Fard Muhammad, The Son of Man and What He Revealed ' by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan ... tags: adviseAgricultureallahblack-peoplechristclass-roomConference

A Life Going Begging

EXTRAS This is a video in two parts. Part one, 000, has no on-screen text to help develop your listening skills. Part ... tags: babiesbeggingBritish accentBritish EnglishCAECELTAClass

Ron Paul on Homeschooling

Ron Paul is a strong proponent for homeschooling and has consistently voted to remove government jurisdiction from public schools, knowing ... tags: education homeschoolingeducationhomeschoolingron-paul