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Why You Shouldn't Make Your Kids Clean Their Plates

Kids forced to clean their plates may pay a heavy price. Dr. Bruce Dan has advice for parents of picky eaters. tags: aging_healthelder_careHealthhome_safety

How to Dispose of Expired Medications

Do you know what's in your medicine chest Pharmacist Doug White shows you which out-of-date prescription drugs to and which ones to toss. tags: Healthhome_safetywater_quality

A Comedian's Perfect Plan to Lose Weight

Stand-up doc Brad Nieder shares his idea of the perfect diet plan. tags: environmentally_friendlyHealthhome_safetyhydration

Which Houseplants Are Toxic to Kids And Pets

Houseplants clean stuffy indoor air and are a great source of stress relief. But some common types can be toxic to kids and pets. Here's ... tags: first_aidHealthhome_remedieshome_safetytech_check

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Is dark chocolate just an indulgence -- or actually good for you Dr. Bruce Dan looks at the surprising health benefits of this delicious ... tags: bathroom_safetyfirst_aidHealthhome_safety

Waltzing to a Healthier Heart

Can a waltz around the dance floor help keep your heart in rhythm Dr. Bruce Dan shows you how even people with two left feet can make dance ... tags: air_pollutionfumesHealthhome_safetyhouse_cleaningindoor_air_qualityindoor_allergies

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Falling

Physical therapist Lee Ann Rostron, with MedStar Visiting Nurse Association, discusses ways to lower your risk of falling in the home. tags: adult_day_careavoid_fallingdangers_of_fallingFallinghazardTipsHealth_Othershome_safety

How To Service A Boiler

To comply with legal requirements, follow this procedure for checking your gas boiler. It's for the safety of your own home, too. tags: analyserandcarbon_dioxidechimneycombustioncookergas_appliances

How to Practice Microwave Safety

Microwave ovens are an essential part of modern life. It is important to know how to use them safely. tags: foodhome_safetyHome_Safety_TipsHowHowcastkitchen_safetyMicrowave

The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today

Having insurance to protect your stuff may not be enough. Thereaposs one more thing you have to do. tags: homeownershome_insurancehome_safetyinsuranceinsurance_claimsinsurance_companiesrenters