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Syrian VP Refutes Defection Reports

The office of Syrian Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa has refuted reports about his defection.Powered by Producer Xinhua News ... tags: Alal-AssadBasharDamascusFarouqHijabJordan

Syria Vice President Appears After Defection Rumors

Syrian Vice President Faruq al-Shara makes his first public appearance in over a month, after rumours that he had tried to defect and was ... tags: al-AssadBasharHijabManafMuallemRiadSyria

Syria VP Makes Appearance

Syrian Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa has made his first public appearance in over a month, following rumours that he had tried to defect ... tags: AlaeddinBoroujerdiDamascusFarouqHijabIranManaf

Women in Pakistan hold rallies defending Islamic dress codes

Thousands of women have taken to the streets across Pakistan on Hijab day against the western culture invasion of Islamic values and in ... tags: hijabislamijamatPakistanprotestsrallyrights

FIFA Headscarf Ban Leaves Muslim Players on Sideline

As football gains popularity with young women in places like Australia, Muslim players are calling for a FIFA ban on headscarves in ... tags: Australiaculturefifaheadscarfhijabrightssociety

Veil ban 'worrying trend' in Europe

Belgian lawmakers are set to vote on a proposed ban on wearing face-covering veils in public, an issue that is dividing opinions and ... tags: alburqaeuropenewsheadscarfhijabjazeeralondon

Princess Hijab's "veiling art"

A 'graffiti artist' in Paris has been going around the city incognito late at night and painting face veils over models displayed in ... tags: englisheuropenewsfacefrancefullhijabjazeera

Christelle, 35 ans : "Pourquoi je porte le voile intégral"

Christelle, 35 ans, s'est convertie la religion musulmane il y a 17 ans, et porte le niqab depuis l'ge de 24 ans. Le Niqab est un voile ... tags: évryburqachrétienneChristellecorpsessonnehijab

Interdite de piscine à cause de son maillot intégral

Deux mois aprs la fronde de 65 dputs contre le port de la burqa en France, une nouvelle affaire est en passe de dclencher les foudres des ... tags: burkiniBurqahijabintégralinterdictionmaillotpolémique

La musulmane et la mode: ''fashion mais pas victimes"

Etre musulmane et la mode ne sont pas deux choses incompatibles. Tout est une question d'imagination et d'adaptation. Dans cette vido ... tags: femmehijabiranislammodemusulmaneobama

Quand travail et hijab ne font pas bon ménage

Quand on vit en France, travailler avec son hijab relve de l'exploit. Pourtant, ce ne sont pas les diplmes et les expriences qui font dfaut ... tags: CoranFéminismehijabislammusulmanmusulmaneoumma