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Acusan a Tosar de participar en un "videoclip machista"

La ONG gallega Implicadas No Desenvolvemento ha cancelado la aparicin del actor y cantante Luis Tosar en la novena edicin del festival ... tags: ActorHey_Hey_HeyLos_TresLuis_TosarMúsicaViolencia_de_Género

Have a Heart

Fat Albert and the Cosby kids learn a very important lesson about CPR in class but Rudy is just not interested. tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_American“Buck_Buck”Bill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda

Watch Thy Neighborhood

There is a burglary at Dumb Donald's house so the kids decide to attend a neighbourhood watch meeting, where they learn the importance of ... tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_American“Buck_Buck”Bill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda

Justice Good As Ever

Themed around making a civil legal claim. Rudy gets a new bike and the Cosby kids want to use the bike to enter a big race, until Rudy's ... tags: 'Buck_Buck'70s_AnimationAfrican_AmericanBill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda

Rebop for Bebop

Themed around respect for elders. The 'Junkyard Friends' band decides to enter a Big Battle of the Bands competition against Buddy ... tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_American“Buck_Buck”Bill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda

Sinister Stranger

The kids' class has a visit from the police to educate them on staying safe but Hank, a friend of the Cosby kids, hasn't been listening. ... tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_Americanâ??Buck_Buckâ?Bill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda

Handwriting On the Wall

The Cosby kids are disappointed to learn that a school field trip to see a Shipyard has been cancelled due to the expense of repainting a ... tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_AmericanBill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthBuck_BuckFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda


Larry has a bad reputation, but the Cosby kids like hanging out with him. They find out how accepting a ride from Larry to the swimming ... tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_AmericanBill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthBuck_BuckFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda

It All Adds Up

There is a giant sale being held at the Cosby kids school to raise money for the school library. Rudy is selling a lot of items, but things ... tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_American“Buck_Buck”Bill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda

Never Say Never

Robin, a friend of Fat Albert and the boys, enjoys having fun playing like all the other kids even though she is not well and is waiting ... tags: 70s_AnimationAfrican_AmericanBill_CosbyBlack_History_MonthBuck_BuckFamily_and_KidsFat_Albert_Rotunda