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Heidi Montag Reveals Plastic Surgery Regrets

Heidi Montag opens up about her extensive plastic surgery and allows ET cameras inside the operating room during one of her procedures. ... tags: Breast_ImplantsET_Onlineheidi_montagplastic_surgery

Heidi Montag Had Breast Reduction

How could you forget when 'The Hills' star got all that work done Most notably on her chest Well, Heidi Montag has just surprised us again ...

Heidi Montag Gets Breast Reduction, Regrets F Implants

Heidi Montag suffered enough pain with her F implants to regret the procedure and undergo a breast reduction.

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries!

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Fake Hugs

Just Go with It 2011 - Fake Hugs - Danny Adam Sandler has Maggie Bailee Madison and Michael fake laugh with him in order to impress Palmer ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdonAllen_CovertBailee_MadisonBrooklyn_DeckerDan_PatrickDave_Matthews

A Serious Case of E.D.

Just Go with It 2011 - A Serious Case of E.D. - Katherine Jennifer Aniston and Danny Adam Sandler take cracks at each other in front of ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdonAllen_CovertBailee_MadisonBrooklyn_DeckerDan_PatrickDave_Matthews

The Other Woman

Just Go with It 2011 - The Other Woman - Danny Adam Sandler tries to apologize to Palmer Brooklyn Decker, who isn8217t having it. tags: Adam_SandlerAdonAllen_CovertBailee_MadisonBrooklyn_DeckerDan_PatrickDave_Matthews

The Negotiation

Just Go with It 2011 - The Negotiation - Maggie Bailee Madison negotiates a deal with Danny Adam Sandler when he asks her to act like his ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdonAllen_CovertBailee_MadisonBrooklyn_DeckerDan_PatrickDave_Matthews

Super Bowl TV Spot

Just Go with It 2011 - Super Bowl TV Spot - The woman of his dreams thinks Andy Adam Sandler is getting a divorce 8211 the only problem ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdonAllen_CovertBailee_MadisonBrooklyn_DeckerDan_PatrickDave_Matthews

Just Go with It - Trailer #1

Just Go with It 2011 - Trailer 1 - The woman of his dreams thinks Andy Adam Sandler is getting a divorce 8211 the only problem being he ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdonAllen_CovertBailee_MadisonBrooklyn_DeckerDan_PatrickDave_Matthews

Love Monkey

Just Go with It 2011 - Love Monkey - Eddie Nick Swardson represents yet another fictitious element of the story that Katherine Jennifer ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdonAllen_CovertBailee_MadisonBrooklyn_DeckerDan_PatrickDave_Matthews

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)?

People with body dysmorphic disorder are obsessed with their looks and magnify their imperfections acne, body hair, wrinkles and scars. ... tags: acneBDDbeautybody_dysmorphicbody_dysmorphic_disorderbody_hairbody_issues