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Hector Elizondo Videos by Popular

She Was Just Asking Me Out

Frankie and Johnny 1991 - She Was Just Asking Me Out - Frankie Michelle Pfeiffer finally shows some interest and approaches Johnny Al ... tags: Al_FannAl_PacinoFrankieGarry_MarshallGreg_LewisHector_ElizondoKate_Nelligan

Talk About a Load Off

Frankie and Johnny 1991 - Talk About a Load Off - Johnny Al Pacino confesses his love to Frankie Michelle Pfeiffer. tags: Al_FannAl_PacinoFrankieGarry_MarshallGreg_LewisHector_ElizondoKate_Nelligan

Does It Have To Be Tonight?

Frankie and Johnny 1991 - Does It Have To Be Tonight - Johnny Al Pacino shows Frankie Michelle Pfeiffer the flower market, his 8220secret ... tags: Al_FannAl_PacinoFrankieGarry_MarshallGreg_LewisHector_ElizondoKate_Nelligan

Johnny's Got a Job

Frankie and Johnny 1991 - Johnny's Got a Job - Nick Hector Elizondo hires Johnny Al Pacino with the help of his niece Artemis Ele Keats. tags: Al_FannAl_PacinoFrankieGarry_MarshallGreg_LewisHector_ElizondoKate_Nelligan

When the Bad Comes Again

Frankie and Johnny 1991 - When the Bad Comes Again - Frankie Michelle Pfeiffer exposes her wounds and shares her personal sufferings with ... tags: Al_FannAl_PacinoFrankieGarry_MarshallGreg_LewisHector_ElizondoKate_Nelligan

Open Your Robe

Frankie and Johnny 1991 - Open Your Robe - Johnny Al Pacino asks Frankie Michelle Pfeiffer to open her robe. tags: Al_FannAl_PacinoFrankieGarry_MarshallGreg_LewisHector_ElizondoKate_Nelligan

Andre's a Vegetarian

Necessary Roughness 1991 - Andre's a Vegetarian - When Charlie Andrew Lauer can8217t hit the sled hard enough, Andre Sinbad comes in to ... tags: Andrew_BryniarskiAndre_KrimmCarver_PurcellChuck_NeidermanCoach_Ed_GenneroCoach_Wally_RigDean_Phillip_Elias

The Big Whistle

Necessary Roughness 1991 - The Big Whistle - Ed Hector Elizondo, sick in the hospital, asks Wally Robert Loggia to coach the team for him ... tags: Andrew_BryniarskiAndre_KrimmCarver_PurcellChuck_NeidermanCoach_Ed_GenneroCoach_Wally_RigDean_Phillip_Elias

Lucy Joins the Team

Necessary Roughness 1991 - Lucy Joins the Team - The team is impressed when sexy Lucy Kathy Ireland joins the team as the kicker. tags: Andrew_BryniarskiAndre_KrimmCarver_PurcellChuck_NeidermanCoach_Ed_GenneroCoach_Wally_RigDean_Phillip_Elias

Welcome to Football

Necessary Roughness 1991 - Welcome to Football - When an opposing player mocks Lucy Kathy Ireland, she introduces her foot to his balls. tags: Andrew_BryniarskiAndre_KrimmCarver_PurcellChuck_NeidermanCoach_Ed_GenneroCoach_Wally_RigDean_Phillip_Elias

Lucy Gets the Shower

Necessary Roughness 1991 - Lucy Gets the Shower - During shower time, Lucy Kathy Ireland asserts that she is an Armadillo like everyone ... tags: Andrew_BryniarskiAndre_KrimmCarver_PurcellChuck_NeidermanCoach_Ed_GenneroCoach_Wally_RigDean_Phillip_Elias