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Heart Disease Videos - 3 by Popular

Can Tooth Decay Affect Overall Health?

If cavities and bad breath aren't enough to make you floss and brush regularly, you can add heart disease, Alzheimer's, and other serious ... tags: Alzheimer'sbacteriabad_breathblood_diseasescausecavitydental

What is Angina?

Over 6 million Americans suffer from angina, yet many people have never even heard the term. Let's look at what angina is. tags: anginaatherosclerosiscause_of_deathcoronary_artery_diseaseEKGheart_attackheart_disease

What is Congestive Heart Failure?

This commonly misunderstood disease affects 5 million Americans. Let's take a closer look at congestive heart failure. tags: anginaatherosclerosiscause_of_deathCHFcongestive_heart_failurecoronary_artery_diseaseheart_attack

Handling High Blood Pressure

Thirty percent of Americans have high blood pressure, a precursor to potentially deadly cardiovascular disease Get a handle on high blood ... tags: cardiovascular_diseasecholesteroldash_dietdiastolicHBPheart_attackheart_disease

You've Got Aisha Tyler & Elisabeth Rohm

Actresses Aisha Tyler and Elisabeth Rohm talk about losing loved ones to heart disease and discuss ways women can prevent heart problems. tags: aisha_tylerelisabeth_rohmHealth_Heart_Diseaseheart_diseaseRed_Dressthe_heart_truthyouve_got

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Doing the occasional Sun Salutation doesn't guarantee you'll stay thin as you age. But researchers think yoga practitioners may have an ... tags: cancerHealthheart_diseasetransplant

The Right Exercises for Your Abs

You may never have six-pack abs, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your abdominal muscles. Exercises that target the abs can help ... tags: Healthhealth_definitionheart_diseasemedical_vocabulary

Healthy Cheese Dip Recipe

Most cheese dipping sauces may seem innocent enough, but underneath they contain lots of butter and heavy, rich cheeses. Registered ... tags: cardio_exercisesHealthheart_diseaseheart_healthy

How to Avoid Life in the Fast Lane

The original 'hyper-chondriac,' author and humorist Brian Frazer shows you why it's good to slow down once in a while. tags: Healthheart_attackheart_disease

Pill Splitting: Which Medications Are Safe to Halve

Are your medications too big to swallow Pharmacist Doug White shows you which prescription drugs you can safely split. tags: Healthheart_attacksheart_diseaseheart_healthyhigh_fiberlow_callow_fat

Healthier Eating Late at Night

Dietitian Carolyn O'Neil comes to the rescue of an actor whose late-night rehearsal schedule is wreaking havoc on his waistline and blood ... tags: Healthhealth_definitionheart_diseasemedical_vocabulary

How To Prevent The Causes Of High Pulse Rate

A high pulse rate is one of the most common signs of an overworked heart. This video will show you how to accurately take your pulse, and ... tags: beats_per_minutecardio_trainingeatingexercisefitnessHealthhealthy