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New Therapy for Spinal Cord Injuries

Meet a young man who's making a comeback from a debilitating spinal cord injury in a very unusual way. An experimental rehab therapy that ... tags: Corddamagedamaged_nerve_treatmentforhealthcentralHealth_NeurologyInjuries

PRFA Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery

A new, non-invasive way to fight breast cancer can help women be cancer free quickly. The simple procedure could have patients in and out ... tags: AblationBreastbreast_cancer_procedurebreast_cancer_surgeryCancercancerPRFAfor

New CTScan to Reduce the Chances of Lymphedema

It's an unslightly side effect of breast cancer many survivors have to live with. Now, a new way to deliver cancer treatment is reducing ... tags: breastcancerNewchanceChanceschemotherapyCTScanCTScan_against_lymphedema

New Oral Treatment for MS

For the first time ever, MS patients have a way to treat their disease without needles. The first oral medication for the disease has ... tags: breakthroughforhealthcentralHealth_Conditions_Illnessesmedicalms_medical_breakthroughms_treatment

Coma Patient Breakthroughs

Up to 300,000 Americans are living in a minimally-conscious state. Now, doctors are using new ways to try to wake these patients up. tags: BrainComaComa_BreakthroughComa_Patient_BreakthroughsComa_Patient_TherapyComa_TMS_TreatmentCranial

Ippy Drug for Melanoma

They're using their own bodies to beat the deadly odds of melanoma. It's the leading cause of death of skin disease. Now, a new FDA ... tags: approvedcancerDrugfdaforhealthcentralhealthIppy

New Treatment for Young Type 1 Diabetes Patients

From pumps to pens, medical research has developed better devices for treating type one diabetes. Now, the focus is shifting toward trying ... tags: breakthroughDiabetesdiabetesNewforhealthcentralHealth_Diabetesinjection

Saving Infants from NEC Killer Bacteria

NEC is a potentially deadly intestinal condition that strikes in the first weeks of life. But new research is giving NEC babies a fighting ... tags: AttacksBacteriachildrens_healthfromhealthcentralhealthSavingHealth_Pediatrics

Fighting Epilepsy with Wii Games

More than 300,000 children in the U.S. suffer from epilepsy. Doctors need to observe and analyze their seizures to treat them. Now, new ... tags: breakthroughchildrenschild_epilepsyEpilepsyepilepsy_breakthroughepilepsy_seizureEpilepsy_Seizure_Prevention

Healing Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain

It's a pain the rear...of our foot. Two million Americans suffer from planta fasciitis. Here are some easy steps to keep your heal pain in ... tags: athlete_injuryathlete_painFasciitisfootforHealinghealthcentral

Why You Should Get Tested for Prostate Problems

The warning signs of prostate cancer are probably not what you think. A world-renowned prostate expert tells us why guys have to be ... tags: cancercancerWhyenlarged_ProstateforGethealthcentralHealth_Urology