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Lyme Disease Prevention

Dr. Martin Fried talks about ways to prevent Lyme disease infection.Martin D. Fried MDFellowships Hospital For Sick Kids, Toronto - ... tags: deerDiseasedr._martin_frieddrmdkHealth_PediatricsLymeLymeLyme_Disease_Prevention

Cat Scratch Fever in Children

Dr. Martin D. Fried explains what is cat scratch disease and how it affects the body.Martin D. Fried MDFellowships Hospital For Sick ... tags: bartonella_infectionbartonella_treatmentCatcat_dangerscat_scratch_diseaseChildrenchild_diseases

Immunity-Boosting Properties of Dirt for Kids

Go ahead and let your kids get dirty. Discover the immunity-boosting properties of dirt. tags: Benefits_of_Dirtboostchild_developmentDirtDirt_and_AllergiesDirt_Improves_Healthfor

3 Health Concerns to Look Out for When Bringing Home a Newborn

Learn about APGAR, an acronym used by pediatricians and obstetricians to assess the health of newborns. And, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears ... tags: APGARhealth_of_newbornsHealth_Pediatricsnewborn_healthnewborn_warning_signsthe_doctors

How to Understand a Child's Spit Up

The Doctors and doctor of psychology Wendy Walsh, Ph.D. provide answers to your biggest how-to questions in a Q and A speed round. tags: Breathe_BetterChild'schild_healthChild_Spit_Upchild_vomitingDr._Jim_SearsHealth_Pediatrics

When to Call the Pediatrician

When your child gets sick, do you know when to contact your doctor Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals the five reasons to call your child's ... tags: Callcalling_the_pediatricianchild_Feverchild_healthChild_Joint_Problemschild_movement_problemschild_physician

Five Reasons to Have Your Tonsils Removed

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Drew Ordon reveal five reasons to have your tonsils removed. tags: benefits_of_tonsilsCauses_of_TonsillitisDr._Drew_OrdonDr._Jim_SearsFiveHaveHealth_Pediatrics

Children's Fever Dos and Don'ts

Pediatricians Dr. Jim Sears and Dr. Alanna Levine explain the dos and don'ts of managing a child's fever. tags: Children'schild_fever_managementchild_fever_treatmentchild_healthDon'tsDosDr._Alanna_Levine

Henry Winkler Shares His Battle with Dyslexia

Henry Winkler shares his story about battling dyslexia, and The Doctors explain the advances being made to treat the learning disorder. tags: AlternativeBattlecoping_with_dyslexiaDr._Jim_SearsDyslexiaDyslexiaHenryDyslexia_Solutions