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Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Darker And Thicker: Myth or Fact?

'If you shave, it'll grow back thicker' Perhaps you heard this growing up, but this is one myth that's grown out of control tags: HairHair_GrowthHair_Grow_Back_DarkerHealth_MythShaveShavingShaving_Hair_Grow_Back_Thicker

Can Stretching Before Exercise Prevent Injury?

The idea of athletes' warm-up regimens has been with us since our early grade-school gym classes, but does stretching before exercise ... tags: ExerciseHealth_MythStatic_StretchingStretchStretchingStretching_Before_ExerciseStretching_Before_Working_Out

Can Improper Face Washing Lead to Acne: Myth or Fact?

Cosmetic companies would love for us to believe that if we don't wash our face using their products, that acne will soon plague us. Could ... tags: AcneAcne_BreakoutsAcne_SkincareFace_AcneFace_CleansingFace_HygieneFace_Skin_Care

A Lump in Your Breast Means Breast Cancer: Myth or Fact?

Sometimes folks stay away from medical care because they fear what they might find. And a lump in the breast can be a scary thing indeed. ... tags: Benign_Breast_LumpsBreast_CancerBreast_Cancer_LumpsBreast_ExamBreast_LumpsHealth_MythLump_On_Breast

Alcohol & Antibiotics: What's The Real Story?

It's widely said that you shouldn't drink alcohol while taking antibiotics, but is this actually correct tags: Alcohol_AntibioticsAntibioticsAntibiotics_with_AlcoholHealth_MythMixing_Antibiotics_and_Alcohol

Does Having Sex in the Water Prevent Pregnancy?

Sex in the water seems like a great idea. Some folks seem to think that it's not only fun, but that lovemaking in the water acts like a ... tags: Am_I_PregnantContraception_MythsDoes_Water_Kill_SpermHealth_MythHealth_VideoPregnancyPregnant

Is Most Of Your Body Heat Lost Through Your Head?

Do we lose most of our heat through our heads Is it ok to wear shorts in the winter What about skull caps in the summer Wait. We're getting ... tags: Body_HeatBody_Heat_Lost_Through_HeadBody_Heat_Through_HeadBody_TemperatureHAT_TEMPERATUREHead_Heat_LossHealth_Myth

A Dog's Mouth Cleaner Than a Human's?

Sweet dependable Fido, could his mouth be cleaner than your's Hmmmm... While cleanliness is relative, watch this video and find out who ... tags: Canine_HygieneDoggy_MouthDogs_MouthDogs_Oral_HygieneDog_BacteriaDog_GermsDog_Mouth

Does Chocolate Cause Pimples?

Calling all choc-a-holics Love your chocolate and smooth, unblemished skin Then you might want to find out if glorious chocolate can lead ... tags: AcneAcne_MythsAcne_VideoChocolateChocolate_AcneChocolate_Cause_AcneChocolate_Pimples

Can You Get An STD From A Toilet Seat?

Public toilets are not exactly paragons of cleanliness, but they're not as 'dirty' as you might suspect tags: ContagiousGermsHealth_MythSexually_Transmitted_DiseaseSTDSTDsToilet

Pregnant Women Should Eat For Two: True or Not?

You've heard the maxim that pregnant women need to 'eat for two' more times than you can remember. But is it really true tags: Eating_During_PregnancyHealth_MythHow_To_Eat_When_PregnantPregnant_EatingPregnant_WomenPregnant_Women_DietWhat_To_Eat_When_Pregnant