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Preschooler Brings Cash, Crack to School: Police

A young Philadelphia boy shows up to his preschool with cash and what appeared to be crack.

Raw Video: Obama plays with blocks, Legos at Head Start

President Obama on Tuesday toured classrooms at the Regional Head Start Center in Yeadon, Penn. as part of his 'We Can't Wait' campaign.

Establishment Pundit Left Speechless by Ron Paul Smackdown

01/11/12 -Please like, share, subscribe comment 01 Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low ... tags: 2008dotcomheadstartmark halperinmorning joePaulRon

Head Start Expands to Garland

The Head Start program has expanded to Garland where there is a huge demand for low income families to have a place to take their children. tags: childrenfamiliesGarlandHead_StarthelpLocallow_income

Super Duper Space Wrench

This week, the President attended the G-20 Summit in France, announced new efforts to help put veterans back to work, and much more tags: Action_and_AdventureAnibal_Cavaco_Silvabarack_obamaCapricia_MarshallCristina_Fernndez_de_Kirchnerexecutive_orderHead_Start

MMO HeadStart Episode 9: Age of Empires Online

Welcome to MMO HeadStart Episode 9 Age of Empires Online your first-steps guide to to the latest MMOs and MMORPGs. If you've ever felt that ... tags: aoe aoe4 aoeo assist battle conquerors empiers

Day Care Near Middle Of KCMO Shootout

Three people are shot and a day care is in the middle of the action in an incident that begins near 39th Street and Troost Avenue Wednesday ... tags: day_careHead_StartLocalshootoutTroostYMCA

2011 Budget Details: Spending Cuts or Fuzzy Math?

\n \n BY CHRISTINA HARTMANYou're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from NewsySpending cuts or fuzzy math Political ... tags: AccountingBudgetCutsEconomicEconomyEpaFederal_Budget