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Consuming Nuts Could Prolong Life, Reduce Cancer Risk

Results of a 30-year study suggest eating a handful of nuts per day might prolong life and cut the risks of heart disease and cancer. tags: blood_pressurecancerHDLheart_diseaseJeffrey_DrazenLDLMarion_Nestle

How To Increase Hdl Cholesterol

In this video Dr Ellie Cannon gives you some tips on how to increase your hdl cholesterol, that's 'good cholesterol' to you and me tags: cholesterolhdlnormalrange

Cardiologist's Heart Health Advice

When searching the pharmacy shelves, people looking for help to support healthy good cholesterol with a dietary supplement niacin may ... tags: cardiologistscholesteroldietaryHDLhealthheartniacin

Physical Fitness and Good Health

Dr. Russell Greenfield talks about the importance of regular exercise. tags: BenefitsBurnscaloriescholesterolExerciseGoodHdl ~ 4 Tests for Heart Health ~ Health & Wellness Tip

Visit formore health tips and videos or follow us on http When thinking about the health of your heart here are 4 tests ... tags: bmicardiovascularcholesteroldiabetesexercisefitnesshdl

Good Foods to Eat for Valentine's Day and the 364 other Heart Days of the Year

Most people do not care about their heart until they experience pain in it-physical that sends them to the hospital. Women and men need to ... tags: eat healthyFoodfoodshdlHealthhealthy eatingheart health

Cholesterin - Prof. Dr. Achim Weizel im Fit&gesund Studiogespräch | fit & gesund

Der Internist spricht mit uns ber die Rolle von Cholesterin und welche Risiken zu hohe Werte mit sich bringen knnen.Cholesterin ist ein ... tags: AtheroskleroseAtheroskleroserisikoCholesterinCholesterinspiegelCholesterinwerteDeutscheDeutsche Welle

Fasting for 30 days to lose 30 pounds

Blood work done today at the doctors with explanation. I have been given the GO ahead to continue this fast. I dont think I will lose ... tags: bloodBodyBodybuilderBodybuildingExercisefastfasting

Cholesterol-Lowering Medication

When a low-cholesterol lifestyle doesn't get your numbers in an appropriate range, your doctor may recommend supplementing with medication. tags: bad_cholesterolcardiovascular_diseasecholesterol_drugsColestidColestipolgood_cholesterolhdl

Cholesterol-Lowering Substances

While there's no magic pill that will guarantee a lower cholesterol reading, there are some substances that have been known to help. tags: b3bad_cholesterolblood_pressurecheeriosfatfibergood_cholesterol

Lowering Cholesterol

If you're among the 18 percent of Americans who have high cholesterol, adopting a low-cholesterol lifestyle can help tags: bad_cholesterolcardiovascular_diseasecardiovascular_exercisecholesterol_drugsgood_cholesterolhdlheart_attack