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Morning Chaos

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Morning Chaos - Jeff John Malkovich tries to avoid Sandy Laurie Metcalf at work and gets irritated when Ulysses ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Ulysses Goes Haywire

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Ulysses Goes Haywire - Don Hart Brochner interrupts a romantic dance between Trish Glenne Headly and Ulysses John ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Why Do People Want To Fall In Love?

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Why Do People Want To Fall In Love - Ulysses John Malkovich asks Frankie Ann Magnuson about love and the purpose of ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Getting Familiar With the Droid

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Getting Familiar With the Droid - An educational video explains how Ulysses John Malkovich works. tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Frankie Meets Ulysses

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Frankie Meets Ulysses - Jeff John Malkovich rushes in to fix Ulysses John Malkovich after he short-circuits during ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Snooping in Frankies Purse

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Snooping in Frankies Purse - Ulysses John Malkovich has fun going through Frankie8217s purse and pulling out all ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

All About Chemtech

Making Mr. Right 1987 - All About Chemtech - Jeff John Malkovich stars in a video explaining all of the services and benefits that Chemtech ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Making Mr. Right - Trailer #1

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Susan Seidelman and starring John Malkovich, Ben Masters, Harsh Nayyar, Hart Bochner. A ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

I Don't Have Money

Making Mr. Right 1987 - I Don't Have Money - Sandy Laurie Metcalf is overjoyed when Ulysses John Malkovich offers to buy her dream ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Serenading Katherine

Breaking Away 1979 - Serenading Katherine - Dave Dennis Christopher serenades Katherine Robyn Douglass outside her sorority with Cyril ... tags: Amy_WrightBarbara_BarrieCyrilDaniel_SternDave_StohlerDennis_ChristopherDennis_Quaid

Victory for the Cutters

Breaking Away 1979 - Victory for the Cutters - Dave Dennis Christopher pulls out the race at the finish line and the Cutters celebrate ... tags: Amy_WrightBarbara_BarrieCyrilDaniel_SternDave_StohlerDennis_ChristopherDennis_Quaid

Chasing a Truck

Breaking Away 1979 - Chasing a Truck - While cycling training, Dave Dennis Christopher chases down a truck on the highway. tags: Amy_WrightBarbara_BarrieCyrilDaniel_SternDave_StohlerDennis_ChristopherDennis_Quaid