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Nick Gillespie Talks Nanny State Tales from 2011 & "Pint-Sized Sparticuses" on Stossel

Reason's Nick Gillespie joins Fox Business' John Stossel to discuss Nanny State tales from 2011 - ranging from banning prostitution, ... tags: banbanningbarbillgovernmenthamburgersharry reid

Democrats Pressure House GOP to Back Down on Payroll Tax Cut

Republicans and Democrats mired in a stalemate over extending the payroll tax cut Wednesday. Judy Woodruff reports on House Speaker John ... tags: BoehnerCongressDemocratsHarry ReidHourHouse of RepublicansObama

Boehner on Payroll Tax Cut Deal: 'Our Members Waged a Good Fight'

House Speaker John Boehner announced late Thursday that he reached agreement with the Senate to pass an extension of the payroll tax cut ... tags: christmascongressexpirationharry reidHourhouse of representativesjohn boehner

Karl Frisch discusses Millionaires' saying "TAX ME" on RT's The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann

11/16/11 -- Karl Frisch, syndicated columnist and Democratic strategist, appearing on the 11 broadcast of RT America's The Big ... tags: Bear Bullfight Strategies Commentary Conservative Countdown Current Democrat

Jack Daniels Explains The Deficit

In response to the Republican proposal to cut 74 billion from the federal budget, Senator Harry Reid declared the cuts to be 'unworkable' ... tags: deficit Harry Reid Jack Daniels ninja Paul Ryan visualizationdeficit

Super Committee Designed for Deadlock

AB Stoddard addresses questions on the Congressional Super Committee created to find a plan for deficit and debt reduction. tags: abbudgetcongressdebt ceilingharry reidhousejohn boehner

Obama Announces Debt Agreement- Full Video

President Obama announces that the leaders of both parties have reached an agreement that will reduce the deficit and avoid default. ... tags: debt ceiling deficit harry reid jobs john boehner medicare social security

Tea Party gives Boehner a budget headache

coming to Washington, the 'Young Guns' of the Tea Party have caused nothing but havoc.House Speaker John Boehner has told Republicans ... tags: animated news baby bear congress debt democrats harry reid

Bargains to Open the Debt-Lock

Two political strategists, John Feehery and Peter Fenn offer AB Stoddard some insider knowledge of how both parties will respond to several ... tags: budget ceiling congress credit rating deficit finance harry reid

Debt deal: six days left

With only six days left until the August 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling, two competing plans emerged in congress. tags: congress debt ceiling Harry Reid john boehner thehilldotcomcongressdebt ceiling

Reid: Only compromise is mine

After canceling a late Thursday night vote, House Republicans changed the Boehner plan to include a balanced budget amendment, a move ... tags: barack obama capitol hill chris vanhollen congress debt debt ceiling deficit