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10 Misconceptions Debunked!

Inspired by CGP Grey's Misconception Debunking In which John debunks various misconceptions involving martyrdom, ... tags: Al GoreAlbert EinsteinastronomydenturesGeorge WashingtonHank Greeninternet

In 'N' Out-Erview

In which Hank shows some snippets of life on the road followed by a quick interview with the Author of the 1 New York Times Bestseller 'The ... tags: authorsbookscaliforniaHank GreenIn N Out BurgerJohn Greennerdfighting

How It Felt

In which John makes a video for future John, future Hank, and future Katherine about what happened at the 2012 Tour de Nerdfighting and how ... tags: adventureawesomebookscultureeventsextremefatigue

The Fault in Our Stars

In which John discusses The Fault in Our Stars, his new book, which is OUT NOW AT BOOKSTORES EVERYWHERE. Also at like Target and Walmart ... tags: bookbooksbookstoreshankhank greenjohn greenlibrary

Our Grandfather

So, bad news... Cello Wars English Teacher Analyzes Alex Day Frezned Disagrees w/ ... tags: deathfamilygriefhank greenproject for awesomesadvlogbrothers

Honey Badgers: The Crazy Truth

In which John digs deep into the insane story of nature's craziest mammal, the honey badger, which has become famous for its fearlessness ... tags: badger cheetah farts gazelle Hank Green honey Honey Badger

Stuffed with STUFF!

In which Hank gives an update on all of the things going on DFTBA 3 Shipping Sale URLatron - Now 15 http VidCon ... tags: dftba recordshank greenjohn greenread it firststufftruth or failupdate

T-Shirt and Jeans - A Song

Ellen Hardcastle In which Hank sings a song about his favorite outfit. I wrote this after a debate with Tom Milsom. A debate ... tags: acoustic awesome clothes clothing dancing ellen hardcastle guitar

The Bank of Nerdfighteria

Kiva Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck In which John reports on the state of the Bank of Nerdfighteria, ... tags: bank banking charity donate goatee Hank Green kiva


In which John celebrates the amazing Lectrojog of Amazing and announces the forthcoming reconstitution of the Foundation to Decrease ... tags: autograph Fault Hank Green in lectrojog novel our

Defying Wadsworth!

Laurena songs on iTunes In which John defies the so-called Wadsworth Constant, which maintains that the first 30 of all YouTube ... tags: author book books fireflies of montreal halloween hank John Green

10 Years after September 11th, and Diablo III

If you were upset or put off by my treatment of the September 11th anniversary, I'm sorry. Please read my blog post here which Hank talks ... tags: album beta cd diablo 3 diablo III hank green leak