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PWNED - Guy gets pwned on stair rails

...Walking on his hands. Ouch, that will hurt in your reproductive organs. tags: comedyentertainmentepicfailfunnyhandshandspring

Berlin feiert die GEFÄHRTEN

Unter dem Titel GEFHRTEN hat die Londoner Theatersensation War Horse im Berliner Stage Theater des Westens am Sonntagabend glanzvoll ...

How To Back Flip On A Trampoline

Gymnast James McGranaghan explains how to perform a back flip with the aid of a coach and a trampoline while a student demonstrates. tags: backbackflipflipflipsgymgymnasticshandspring

How To Do A Back Handspring

Mr Despond Aspill desmontrating how one could possible to a Back Handspring. He is able to show it clearly how it can be done it into parts. tags: backgymnasticshandspringtechniques

How To Do A Round Off Back Handspring

The round off back handspring is one of the more difficult elements of gymnastics. However, in this video Desmond Aspill simplifies the ... tags: backgymnasticshandspringtechniques

Handspring Gone Wrong

After his friend easily does a handspring off a guard rail, this guy goes for one too, but it doesn't end as well. Instead of flipping and ... tags: chiwayentertainmentfailflipguardGymnasticsHandspring

War Horse comes to the Ahmanson Theatre

As World War One begins, a young horse is sold to the cavalry and shipped from England to France. He's soon caught up in enemy fire and ... tags: ahmansonangelesawardBroadwaycenter theatre groupctghandspring

Cheerleader Apparel from I'm G Clothing

Check out Cheerleader Clothing Apparel from I'm G Clothing at - tags: base chant cheer cheerleader cheerleading competition custom

Quick webcam notes on backhandsprings

WOW YOUTUBE YOU ARE AWESOME AT SYNCING WEBCAM VIDEO WITH MIC AUDIO..... NOT I've had many requests for a backflip tutorial and while the ... tags: back dovicka guide gymnastics hand handspring how

Clip from today (NOT sprung floor)

I was enjoyiing tumbling on these matts because they are soft and a little bouncier than grass NOT sprung though and I chucked one just ... tags: back backhandspring flip full fulltwist handspring roundoff