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Turning off the comments?

Should blogs have comments A video response to Dave Winer's post on Scripting News about why he has turned off commenting on his blog. Read ... tags: breakingtechcommentsdavewinerhamishcampbellplugandplayscriptingvisionontv

Diaz - Don't clean up this blood

Hamish shows us the actual DV Camera with which he recorded the dramatic events of Genoa's violent G8 Summit, now a feature film called ... tags: diazg20genoahamishcampbellpoliceriotvisionontv

Youth, the "Riots" and the Media Part 2 of 2

Young people give the lie to the mainstream media coverage of the 'riots' of August 2011. Comment at ... tags: grassrootshamishcampbelllondonmediacritiqueplugandplayrebelliousmcrotimiskyers

Whose Internet is it? part 1

A provocative presentation on the internet -- where are we, and where are we going Then find out what you can do about it from a panel of ... tags: beckyhoggebillthompsondigitalrevolutionhamishcampbellrebelliousmcsavetheinternetvisionontv

Escaping the Hamster Cage part 1

Fascinating discussion about alternatives to the corporate net. Talk radical media at http tags: hamishcampbellhamstercageplugandplayrebelliousmcsavetheinternettechvideo

Escaping the Hamster Cage part 2

Part 2 of this discussion on alternatives to the corporate net. Facilitated by Hamish Campbell. Talk radical media at ... tags: hamishcampbellopensourceplugandplayrebelliousmcsavetheinternetvideovisionontv

Whose Internet is it? Part 3 of 4

Becky Hogge, Bill Thompson and Hamish Campbell continue discussing where we are with the internet, and what we can do about it. Join the ... tags: beckyhoggebillthompsondigitalrevolutionhamishcampbellplugandplayrebelliousmcvideo

Whose internet is it? Part 4 of 4

More discussion of where the internet is and what to do about it. Join the conversation at http tags: beckyhoggebillthompsondigitalrevolutionhamishcampbellplugandplayrebelliousmcvideo

#N30 report from the roof of the Bank of Ideas

Police stopped and searched people here. Can this be done under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice Act tags: bankofideas grassroots hamishcampbell occupylsx votv01bankofideasgrassroots