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U.S. Senate's deep divide

Washington University professor Steven Smith tells Steve Kroft that Americans are polarized - and tend to trust their own parties to fight ...

Is Sen. Coburn Dr. No?

Sen. Tom Coburn, author of 'The Debt Bomb,' tells Steve Kroft he's not an obstructionist -- he just doesn't want to waste money on programs ...

Obama on healthcare: "You can't shut it down"

Hours before a potential government shutdown should Congress fail to strike a budget deal, President Obama slammed partisan gridlock, ...

Congress gridlocked over payroll tax cut extension

President Obama is appealing to Americans to urge Congress to extend the payroll tax cut before it expires at the end of the year and could ...

Liberals Must Fix Backlog at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre- Horwath

During Question Period in the Legislature Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called the government to account for patient backlogs at the ...

Gridlock in state court cases due to budget cuts

State courts have been forced to lay off thousands of staff workers, resulting in a gridlock of the millions of cases handled per year. Jim ...

Spain transport strike causes road gridlock in Madrid...

Public transport strikes in Spain have caused chaos for tens of thousands of commuters for the time in a month.Hundreds of high-speed and ... tags: causeseuronewsgridlockMadridroadSpainStrike

Gridlock fact of life for Bangkok commuters - 05 Aug 09

For commuters in Bangkok, traffic gridlock is often so severe residents begin their daily commutes well before dawn, and even then there is ... tags: aelaaljazeerabangkokcallencommutersgridlockthailand

Gridlock grinding Athens to a halt - 03 Aug 09

Al Jazeera is taking a look athow traffic congestion is hitting economies, health, pollution levels and tempers. In the first ofour series ... tags: aljazeeraathensbarnabycarscongestioneconomygreece

Sao Paulo's traffic chaos - 06 Aug 09

Al Jazeera has been highlighting an issue that unites city dwellers around the world traffic. Sao Paulo in Brazil, the third-largest city ... tags: aljazeeraelizondogabrielgridlockpaulosaotraffic

Belgian Students Stage "Fries Revolution"

Belgians are marking 249 days without a government - a figure that they are treating as a world record.Powered by Producer CBC tags: belgianBelgiumdeadlockgovernmentgridlockpoliticalprotest

Chicago Grapples with Epic Traffic Congestion

America's ' City' is now first in traffic congestion. Chicago's official 25-year transportation plan will spend billions, but traffic ... tags: AdrianChicagofoundationgridlockIllinoisjamMoore