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My Old Guitar - Original by Mark Maysey

This song is the 11th track off my self debut CD released back in 2003. The CD titled 'At This Point In My Life' was pretty much a healing ... tags: americanbeatlesbreaithincheerchristmascreativedisorder


We can REST, 'KNOWING' Our LORD GOD does NOT CHANGE Mal 36 For I am the LORD, I change not therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. tags: bible Christ church Faith Father Forgiveness Ghost

Libertarians Are Marxists of the Right!

An article deconstruction from Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio -- tags: ethics goodness libertarian libertarianism Marxism Marxist moral

A Song for Susan - by Maysey

I dedicate this song to a real good friend who loves croc's, koala's and lizards, and wishing everyone else much peace and happiness. tags: books caring earthly faith giving goodness guitar

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Advanced Ch 2 Making Selections Quick Selection Goodness

Get the complete Adobe Photoshop CS3 Productivity and Power Techniques lesson at find out about more lessons on ... tags: Advanced Ch CS3 Goodness Making Photoshop Quick

Bankers free money - Alex Jones

How America's central bank allows the newly printed currency to be given to billionaire bankers for free. This amount is about 700 billion ... tags: Alex attorney computers courage court economics email

Anusara Yoga: Discover This Modern School of Hatha Yoga

In this we learn more about the modern school of hatha yoga known as Anusara yoga, which was started by John Friend in 1997. tags: alignmentanusaraanusara_yogabodydivinefitnessflow

Selector Chris Wild spinning Dub & Roots @ Records LA's Grand Opening in the Last Book Store

Selector Chris Wild spinning Dub Roots Records LA's Grand Opening in the Last Book Store, Downtown, LA Thanks for having me. tags: book chris dj dub goodness LA last

Anti-Semitic videos are stupid

BEWARE Beware of corrupt money being used to falsely accuse activists of being anti-Semitic or 'hating Jews'. This practice has become a ... tags: AlexAnti-Semiticareattorneycompassioncomputerscourage