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Beaches doing disappearing act in Marshfield

Rising sea levels and beach erosion are issues in nearly every coastal community. But decades of rough seas against the craggy shoreline in ... tags: beachchangeserosiongeologicallevelMarshfieldrise

China Hit by Powerful Earthquakes

At least 54 people are dead in what's being reported as a 6.6-magnitude earthquake. Rescue workers fear heavy rains will cause landslides. tags: aftershockschineseearthquakeGeologicalmagnitudenewsSurvey

Submarine to explore Lake Tahoe's most active fault line

A submarine could reveal new information about how dangerous Lake Tahoe's most active earthquake fault line could be. tags: earthquakeexplorationgeologicalLakeMikepronesubmarine

Bulgarian Capital Shaken By 5.6 Magnitude Quake

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook Bulgaria's capital Sofia early on Tuesday causing residents to rush into the streets. tags: bulgariacapitalcollapseearthquakegeologicalquakesofia

Earthquake shakes up Hawaii

The ground shook across much of Hawaii after a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck. tags: DepartmentGeologicalmagnitudeOahuofquakeSurvey

Geologist explains how this quake compares to ones of the past

Geologist Diane Johnson explains how this earthquake, which originated in Lassen County on Thursday night but was felt in Sacramento, ... tags: CaliforniacountyGeologicalgroundlassenmovementNorthern

Welcome to the Anthropocene. Shifts in global water systems ≈ markers of a new geological ...

In June 2012, 'Welcome to the Anthropocene' a film about the state of the planetopened the UN's Rio+20 summit on sustainable development. ... tags: AnthropoceneAnthropocene.epoch:geologicalglobalmarkersShifts

Chinese Music - Dizi - Spring on Xiang River 春到湘江

Composed by Ning Baosheng Performed by Ning Baosheng Accompanied by Orchestra of Traditional Instruments of China Geological Art Troupe tags: Accompanied Art Baosheng by China Composed Dizi

MikeCriss Blog - Ufo The Greatest Story Ever Denied Parte 2 Moon Rising

11/13/11 Perch la simbologia di tutte le agenzie spaziali utilizza il simbolo del 'vettore' che assomiglia tanto ad un ... tags: 51 abduction alieni area autopsia cover-up criss

BAA Lunar

watch in HD old 2011 moon but important look,full moon but at 106 Is the Moon now completely inactive or do some geological ... tags: and are baalunarsection completely do Earth? events