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Digital Eye Strain Affects 70% of Adults

In a recent study performed by the Vision Council 70 percent of adults reported that they experience digital eye strain. In a recent study ... tags: blinking_digital_straincomputer_eye_straineye_discomfort_computereye_discomfort_digitalGeoBeatsHealth_NewsNews

Powerall Battery Can Jumpstart Your Car and Charge Phone

The Powerall is a multitasking battery capable of charging a cell phone and jump starting a car. A dead car battery and no jumper cables in ... tags: 12000_mah_powerallGeoBeatsmultitasking_powerallNewspowerall_batterypowerall_charge_phonepowerall_dead_engine

Southwest Plane Lands at Wrong Airport, Almost Barrels Down Cliff

Unfortunately for travelers on Southwest Airlines recent flight 4013, things took an unexpected and baffling turn. The plane somehow landed ... tags: GeoBeatsNewsplane_close_cliffsouthwest_branson_airportsouthwest_wrong_airporttaney_airport_southwesttaney_county_airport

Florida's Historic Seven Mile Bridge Will Become Wheelchair Accessible

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has allocated 1.16 million for plans to improve a historic tourist destination so it can ... tags: bridge_pigeon_keyflorida_bridge_projectGeoBeatshistoric_keys_bridgemarathon_key_bridgeNewsseven_mile_accessibility

Amber Preserved 100 Million-Year-Old Plant in Reproduction Process

Scientists say theyve uncovered the oldest known example of floral reproduction. Scientists say theyve uncovered the oldest known example ... tags: bob_gualtieribob_gualtieri_mugshotsbob_gualtieri_sheriffGeoBeatsmugshots_removed_scammugshots_removed_sheriffNews

Ravens Increasingly Building Homes on Utility Poles

In the United States, raven populations are reportedly building their nests on electrical poles, which has made them a larger threat to ... tags: GeoBeatsNewsravens_live_polesravens_nest_polesravens_perch_polesravens_rest_polesravens_us_utility_poles

Town's Health Department Issues Warning About Misuse of Condoms

The Members of the Executive Council for Health in Mpumalanga, South Africa, or MEC for short aren't happy with elderly folks' choice of ... tags: condoms_alleviate_paincondoms_joint_paincondoms_shine_shoescondom_arthritiselderly_condoms_painGeoBeatshealth_officials_condom

40-Year-High for Butter Consumption in US

According to statistics from the American Butter Institute, the consumption of butter in the United States has reached a 40 year high. ... tags: butter_consumption_highbutter_increasebutter_popularitybutter_sales_highbutter_trendbutter_us_consumptionGeoBeats

Scammers Impersonate Utility Company, Demand Payment

Scammers have resurrected an old trick for extracting money from unsuspecting victims. Scammers have resurrected an old trick for ... tags: energy_bill_scamGeoBeatsNewsUS_Newsutility_bill_collectorsutility_bill_scammersutility_payment_scam

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Starbucks

There arent too many coffee lovers who dont look forward to a trip to their local Starbucks. Here are 12 amazing facts about the coffee ... tags: EducationGeoBeatsKnowledgestarbucks_empirestarbucks_factsstarbucks_fun_factsstarbucks_history

Virginia Considers Making Under-Limit Left Lane Driving a Crime

A bill that makes under-the-limit driving in the left lane of any of Virginias 12 divided highways a criminal act has been put up for a ... tags: GeoBeatsleft_lane_drivingleft_lane_speedleft_lane_virginiaNewsunder_limit_drivingUS_News

40-Pound Beehive Found at Miami International Airport

Construction workers in Florida got a not so nice surprise last month after a massive beehive, weighing 40 pounds, was discovered. Bees are ... tags: 40_thousand_beesbeehive_40_poundsbeehive_shipping_containerbees_miami_airportbees_miami_transportedGeoBeatsmiami_dade_bees