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Isaac Asimov Predicts 2014 - In 1964! - GeekBeat.TV

Legendary writer Isaac Asimov wrote an article in 1964 about what he thought technology, and the world, would be like in 2014. tags: futuregadgetsgeekgeekbeatgeek_beatisaac_asimovjohn_p

#CESlive Coverage Coming Your Way Next Week! - GeekBeat Tips & Reviews

We're super-excited about our CESlive coverage - check out our plans to team up with the Mobile Nations crew - the folks behind Android ... tags: cali_lewisces2014ceslivegadgetsgeekgeekbeatgeek_beat

World's Geekiest Marriage Proposal - GeekBeat.TV

A geeky marriage proposal, the future of coat checks, 1,058 people get a little closer to Mars, and a Kickstarter project your cat will love tags: ceslivegadgetsgaminggeekgeekbeatgeekbeatdaily-2013kickstarter

Our Gear for CES 2014! - GeekBeat.TV

We're getting ready to head to the International CES next week, and we're giving you a look the gear that's going to help us bring you all ... tags: ceslivegadgetsgeargeekgeek_beatgmcjohn_p

The Best Gadgets of 2013! - GeekBeat.TV

What were your favorite gadgets of the year Here's our list, with the top choice from our viewers tags: cali_lewisceslivechromecastcomputersfile_sharinggeekgeekbeat

Year-End Blooper Spectacular! - GeekBeat.TV

Yes, we make the occasional mistake while the camera's running, and you see a lot of them throughout the year. But here's some of our best ... tags: blooperscali_lewisgadgetsgeekgeekbeatgeekbeatdaily-2013geek_beat

How to Rent Your Stuff to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere! - GeekBeat.TV

If you have something, someone out there wants to rent it when you're not using it. There are whole new ways to get what you want, when you ... tags: airbnbgadgetsgeekgeekbeatgeekbeatdaily-2013geek_beatjohn_p

Ultimate Iron Man Suit - Just $35,000! - GeekBeat.TV

YouTube's on Roku, a new pair of AR glasses you can pre-order, the ultimate Iron Man suit, and free WiFi on San Francisco's Market Street tags: 3d_printingceslivecosplaygeekbeatgeek_beatiron_manjohn_p

Rubber Band Machine Gun Will Rain Office Supply Fury - GeekBeat.TV

Get serious with your rubber band wars, stretch your videos across many monitors, updates on CESlive and Bad Parking Cards, and a way for ... tags: appsceslivegadgetsgeekgeekbeatgeekbeatdaily-2013geek_beat

Review: Tylt Energi Backpack - Plus Our Travel Gear - GeekBeat.TV

A look at the awesome Tylt Energi backpack, plus a peek at all the stuff we're carrying around in ours tags: backpackbatterychargergadgetsgeargeekgeekbeat

NERD WATCH: Tech News From 30 Years Ago - GeekBeat.TV

A UNIX-compatible operating system, a personal computer from Timex Sinclair, Betamax gets even better, and MORE Bringing you all the ... tags: cali_lewiscarsgeekgeekbeatgeekbeatdaily-2013gnujohn_p