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Arming Al-Qaeda: US to pump weapons into Syria warzone?

The US has hinted it could eventually give arms to rebels in Syria - despite previous strident opposition to further militarizing the ... tags: al-QaedaAssadBashar al-AssadbloodshedGayane Chichakyangunsrebels weapons

Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?

Islamic wars have brought questionable benefit to the US over the last 20 years, former US presidential advisor Pat Buchanan, author of ... tags: Al QaedaBashar AssadGayane Chichakyaninterviewmilitary basesnuclear weapons IranPat Buchanan

Frenemies Forever: US taken hostage by China?

The Chinese Vice-President's been touring America this week and hailing ties between the two countries. The US media isn't quite as ... tags: armsAsiabeijingChian US politicsChinachina tibetChina US debt

Free Syrian Arms: US gives guns to Al-Qaeda protege

The conflict in Syria is intensifying and the UN is unable to agree on a solution to end the bloodshed. Meanwhile, US politicians are ... tags: al qaedaAl-QaedaArab Leaguearmsbachmanfree syrian armyGayane Chichakyan

Hawk Talk: US 'wants peace', prepares for war in Syria

The US says it's just a matter of time before the Syrian government collapses, while the Pentagon says it's weighing up 'theoretical' ... tags: AleppoAssadBashar al-Assadcasualties SyriaFree Syrian ArmyGayane Chichakyanmilitary death

Puppets & Dictators: 'Revolution Guru' on OWS, Egypt, Libya

Despite an Arab League observer mission in Syria, there has been no let up in the bloodshed. Author and scholar Gene Sharp told RT in ... tags: AmericaArab worldargumentbloody messBostonCairodemocracy

'Obama had no balls to close Gitmo'

One of the first promises made by President Obama when he first came to power back in 2008 was to close the controversial Guantanamo Bay ... tags: 9/11AfghanistanBarack ObamacaptureCubadetaineeGayane Chichakyan

Iran spots US Navy near drill, 'ready for confrontation'

The threats are being ramped up over a vital oil shipping route which Iran's threatening to block. Tehran is holding large-scale wargames ... tags: aircraft carrierGayane ChichakyanIranIran drill exercise videoIRNAjohn stennis carrier iranmiddle east

'US eroded by own terror crusade'

There is no evidence the US fight against terrorism has made it less potent, whereas America has been significantly eroded over the course ... tags: 9/11 9/11 2001 Afghan war Afghanistan war Amer Bin Ladens Legacy Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Men of Steal: US troops make a killing in Iraq

War is a tragedy for many but the chance to make a fast buck for an unscrupulous few. The amount of money missing in Iraq and Afghanistan ... tags: Afghanistan army Baghdad billion cash CIA democracy