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Sandusky Ducks Back in the Alley

Dr. James David Manning speaks about Jerry Sandusky waiving his rights to a hearing. Recorded on 13 December 2011. Go to tags: ATLAHatlahworldwideBundyCharleschildDahmerDavid

10 Famous Serial Killers in America: Part 2

Whatever their motive, serial killers terrify entire communities with their brutal crimes. WatchMojo counts down the top 10 most chilling, ... tags: America:btk_killerdennis_radered_geinFamousFamous_Serial_Killersgacy

John Wayne Gacy: Lab Digs Into Mystery

Texas lab is using DNA technology to ID eight of John Wayne Gacy's victims. tags: dan_technologygacyjohnjohn_wayne_gacyserial_killervictimswayne

Scary Killer Clowns

this guy makes Pennywise the Clown Ronald McDonald look like Pussies. My little boy wanted to be in another video for halloween, but I ran ... tags: balloon balloons blood boivi clown clowns drugs

Michele Bachmann on John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne has never lived in Waterloo, IA. John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer, has. tags: BachmannGacyJohnPeopleWaterlooWayne

Vinny eastwood shares aerial tour of nuclear plant 2011 vidds!

A shocking report prepared by russias federal atomic energy agency faae on information provided to them by the international atomic energy ... tags: beckbethennybobbyboxcomedydanieleastwood

Bachmann's Epic Interview Fail

Cenk Uygur discusses Michelle Bachmann's recent poll numbers, including her favorable and unfavorable numbers. Can Michelle Bachmann beat ... tags: CampaignCenkUygurEpicErrorFailFavorabilityGacy

Michele Bachmann and John Wayne Gacy

Metallica Enter Sandman on Piano presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann has confused her John Waynes. On Monday, June 27, 2011 the ... tags: clowngacyiowajohn_waynemahalodotcommahalo_newsmichele_bachmann

I Am Not A Serial Killer (Not Stanley)

My name is not Stanley. People often mistake me for a serial killer but I can guarantee there is no connection. Yes, I have committed a few ... tags: animatedanimationbundybutchercartooncitruscorporation