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Made in Germany | Green Swedes

This July,Sweden assumes the rotating presidency of the European Union. Topping the agenda during its six-month term will be fighting ... tags: biomasschangeclimateCO2crisisDeutscheDeutschland

Coal Mining in America | Global 3000

Petroleum,gas,coal - fossil fuels continue to serve as the foundation of our global energy supply. But as our report from the U.S. state of ... tags: 3000AmericaCoalDeutscheDW-TVfossilfuels

Namibia's Energy Concept | Global 3000

Africa possesses huge potential when it comes to the production of alternative energies. Hydropower alone could cover the current ... tags: 3000AfricaalternativeConceptCultureDeutscheDW-TV

NATO military exercise in Poland fuels suspicions in Russia

Six thousand soldiers are taking part in NATOs biggest military exercise for seven years. The operation in eastern Poland, dubbed Steadfast ...

Jenna Jameson's Bizarre Behavior Fuels Substance Abuse Rumors

Jenna Jameson's bizarre behavior during an appearance on Good Day New York not only had producers cutting her segment short but left ...

Brazil's oilfield auction fuels protest in Rio

The Brazilian government has launched a major security operation in Rio de Janeiro as the production rights to the largest-ever oil ...

Frank Ocean Calls Chris Brown's Music 'Sloppy'

Chris Brown has quite a few enemies in the music business. One of them, Frank Ocean, has just taken their feud to the next level by writing ... tags: brownchrisdissesfeudfrankfuelsocean

Teenager fuels US–Russia adoption row

A Russian teenager, who was adopted by American parents five years ago, has added fuel to an ongoing dispute between Moscow and the United ... tags: adoptioneuronewsfuelsrowRussiaSocietyTeenager

Chinese home price data fuels bubble conundrum

Prices for new homes in China rose by just 0.1 percent in July from the previous month and they were down 1.5 percent from a year ago. A ... tags: ChinaChineseconundrumdataeuronewsfuelshome

Economic crisis fuels Catalan desire to break away

It is Catalonia's national day, and breakaway politicians in the northestern Spanish region are rubbing their hands at an upswing in ... tags: awaybreakCatalancrisisDemonstrationdesireEconomic

Was Jesus Married? Discovery of an Ancient Papyrus Fragment Fuels Debate

A Harvard scholar who unveiled an ancient Coptic papyrus in which Jesus refers to 'my wife' said on Wednesday that while the landmark ... tags: ancientdebatediscoveryfragmentfuelsjesusmarried