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1.4 Million-Year-Old Hand Bone 'Closes The Gap' In Human Hand Evolution

A 1.42 million-year-old metacarpal a bone of the hand belonging to Homo erectus was recently found in Kenya. This discovery adds ... tags: anthropologyarchaeologyevolutionevolutionary_biologyfossilhand_bonehomo_erectus

First-Of-Its-Kind Dinosaur Found With Rooster-Like Crest

The new specimen is a duck-billed dino with a fleshy adornment on its head. It was found in a rock formation in Alberta, Canada. tags: bonesCanadacombdinosaurEdmontosauraus_regalisfleshy_crestfossil

Amazing ancient discoveries feature in Mexico exhibition

A woolly mammoth, dinosaurs and a sabre-toothed tiger feature in an amazing new exhibition in Mexico. Report by Morrism. Like us on ... tags: dinosaursdinosaurs_fossilsdinosaur_fossilsexhibition_in_mexicofossilitnitn_news

Dinosaur skeleton sold for £400,000

By Charlotte PammentThe 55ft 17m specimen of the long-necked Diplodocus longus went under the hammer at Summers Place Auctions in ... tags: auctiondinosaurDiplodocusfossilMistyNewsEurope_Newsskeleton

Tomorrow Today | ITER

We talk with Reinhard Grnwald about ITER,the issues surrounding nuclear fusion and research into methods of generating energy that do not ... tags: DeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVengerygreenhousefossilfuelgas

Tomorrow Today| Energy in the future - could fusion be the k

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor,or ITER,is one of the world's biggest and most costly research projects. Its ... tags: DeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVengerygreenhousefossilfuelgas

Renewable Energy Supplies | Tomorrow Today

A key argument against converting energy production from fossil fuels to renewables has been that we cannot rely on them for a steady ... tags: DeutscheDW-TVEnergyfossilRenewableTechnologyToday

Studio Guest: Prof. Wolfgang Sachs | Tomorrow Today

Our studio guest is Prof. Wolfgang Sachs,who heads the Berlin office of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate,Environment and Energy tags: DeutscheDW-TVenergyfossilrenewablesTechnologyToday

Power Production | Video of the day

A key argument against converting energy production from fossil fuels to renewables has been that we cannot rely on them for a steady ... tags: DayDeutscheDW-TVenergyfossilrenewablesThe

Coal Mining in America | Global 3000

Petroleum,gas,coal - fossil fuels continue to serve as the foundation of our global energy supply. But as our report from the U.S. state of ... tags: 3000AmericaCoalDeutscheDW-TVfossilfuels

Namibia's Energy Concept | Global 3000

Africa possesses huge potential when it comes to the production of alternative energies. Hydropower alone could cover the current ... tags: 3000AfricaalternativeConceptCultureDeutscheDW-TV

Oklahoma State students uncover mammoth near Enid

Students say they have found a mammoth site near Enid, Okla.