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U.S. Says Inflation-adjusted Farm Income Highest Since 1973

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said updated forecasts for the U.S. farm sector show that 2013 will be the most lucrative year in ... tags: Food_securityUnited_StatesUnited_States_Department_of_AgricultureUS_Department_of_Agriculture

BNY Mellon on World Food Day

BNY Mellon, the global leader in investment management and investment services, has launched a global initiative to raise awareness of ...

Revitalizing Asia's Irrigation

Dr Colin Chartres, Director General of the International Water Management Institute IWMI, talks about revitalizing Asia's irrigation. He ...

Water Storage: An Answer to Climate Change

Water storage is a key way that we can adapt against the threat of climate change in the future. Dr. Colin Chartres, Director General of ...

Six critical solutions to water scarcity & food insecurity

Can we grow enough food to feed our growing human numbers in a world that is running short of water and waming up at the same time How can ...

Why we Need Environment Flows?

In many countries, rivers are dumping grounds for large amounts of wastewater and sewage. This causes tremendous stress on the natural ...

Episode 94: Managing China's Water Challenges

Water engineer Prof John Langford discusses the immense challenges facing a China with swiftly mounting water demand and dwindling ... tags: agricultureanalysesanalysisAsiaChinacitiesclimate

Episode 106: Nothing To Eat: Famine and Its Consequences

Economic Historian Prof Cormac O Grada joins host Jennifer Cook to discuss famine, its causes and repercussions, and the human condition in ... tags: AfricaagricultureanalysesanalysisAsiaChinaclose

Episode 141: Cash crop crusaders: Genomic approaches to fighting fungus in canola

Plant geneticist Professor Barbara Howlett explains how genetics research is helping to fight fungal pests that confront canola farmers. ... tags: agricultureanalysesanalysisAustraliabiologycloseEducation

#179: Reaping what we sow: Agriculture's role in climate change

Assoc Prof Richard Eckard examines how modern agriculture contributes to global warming and discusses ways of mitigating the problem. ... tags: agricultureanalysesanalysisanimalsAustraliaclimateclose

Episode 174: Peak fish: Rising human consumption of seafood, and its implications

Fisheries scientists Dr Tim Dempster and Dr Reg Watson discuss the pressures on wild fish stocks and debate the role of aquaculture in ... tags: analysesanalysiscloseEducationEducation_Higher_Educationenvironmentfood_security