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Flexibility Videos - 4 by Popular

Morning yoga for Flexibility

This routine helps you release tension in your thighs and back. It also helps in stretching your ankles. These set of aasanas are useful in ... tags: ashtangafitfitnessflexibilityforHathavinyassa

Training for Your Personal Best

Compensating for a weakness in strength or flexibility can cause injury and prevent an athlete from reaching peak performance.Powered by ... tags: athleticexercisefitnessflexibilityphysicaltrainingweight

How To Do A Flexibility Workout

Ricardo Macedo gives basic instructions on stretching your body to improve your flexibility after your workout. He tells you how to do it ... tags: exerciseflexibilityworkout

How To Improve Hip Flexibility

This is a video which helps the people to get more flexibility on their hips and can easily make the hip look beautiful. tags: exercisesflexibilityhiphipsimprove

How To Become Flexible

Stretching increases your flexibility and helps loosen your muscles and tendons. Watch this VideoJug film to get tips on how to become ... tags: becomeexercisesflexibilityflexiblestretching

Pilates: Scissors

The scissors Pilates exercise improves flexibility, coordination and abdominal strength. VideoJug show you an expert guide on how to ... tags: coordinationexercisesflexibilityMat-based

Postures To Improve Hip Flexibility

The more flexible your hips are in yoga, the more you can explore a greater range of postures benefiting your yoga practice, your physical ... tags: asanasflexibilityhiphipsstifftightyoga

Postures To Strengthen Your Abdominals

Abdominal work is critical for supporting your torso and strengthening your lower back. Learn three yoga postures to work on improving key ... tags: abdominalflexibilityposturesrelaxationstrengthyoga

Vinyasa Flow Workout Part 2

Vinyasa Flow Workout Part 2. This workout incorporates all of the yoga postures over the whole series. Use this workout daily to improve ... tags: asanasflexibilitymeditationposturesyoga

KICkbOxiNG wORkoUt viDEO

Kickboxing workouts helps to tone the body and live a healthy life. This basic warm up will help you to prepare for the main session.nbsp tags: absbeginnersexercisefitnessflexibilitykickboxingvideo

Yoga for Strengthening Lower Back Sulabha Shalabhasana

Sulabha means 'easy' and Shalabha means 'locust or grasshopper'. In the final position of traditional Shalabhasana, raised legs look like ... tags: anandayogabackbeginnersexercisesflexibilityforloss

Yoga Exercise Vakrasana for Twisting Postures

Vakra in Sanskrit means twist. In this asana you will be twisting the upper body. This asana will Improve blood circulation in abdominal ... tags: anandafitnessflexibilityhotlosssteamyvakrasana