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New Jersey Governor apologizes for staff's role in traffic jam scandal

SOUNDBITE GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR SAYING 'I am heartbroken and incredibly disappointed. I don't think I've gotten to angry ... tags: andapologizesChristiecontroversyfiredforNew

Walmart fires Florida manager who tried to stop beer thieves

A Titusville Walmart manager who jumped in the back of a truck in an attempt to stop beer thieves has been fired. tags: beer_thievesfiredFloridaTitusvilletruckWalmart_managerWESH

Was Chris Kluwe Fired From Vikings for Being Pro-Gay?

Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe says he was released from the Minnesota Vikings because of his outspoken support for gay marriage. tags: beingchrischris_kluwe_deadspin_articlecutfiredforfrom

Clashes erupt in Syria after shots fired at crowd

Syrian rebel factions clash with fighters from the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in a town in Idlib province. The ... tags: areClashescommandercrowddeathDeborahfired

NFL's Black Monday: 5 Coaches Get Axed

The Browns, Redskins, Lions, Vikings and Buccaneers all released their coaches Monday as the Jets and Cowboys stand pat for now. tags: buccaneersfiredgreg_schianojason_garrettjim_schwartzleslie_fraziermike_shanahan

Greece: Shots fired at German ambassador's residence

An anti-terrorist investigation is underway in Athens after gunshots were fired at the German ambassadors residence early on Monday.The ... tags: ambassadorsAthensAttackfiredGermanGermanyGreece

Shots fired at German ambassador's residence

Gunshots were fired at the home of the German ambassador in Athens overnight. It happened around 340 am local time along this busy street ... tags: AthensdamagesfiredGermanGunshotsManaRabiee

Fire exchanged on Israel-Lebanon border

Israeli military say two rockets from Lebanon hit this field near Kyriat Shmona in northern Israel. No casualties or damage were reported. ... tags: damageexchangedFirefiredfromIsraelLebanon

Air Force General Fired For Drunken Antics: Report

According to an investigative report, Maj. Gen. Michael Carey had a few drunken nights in Moscow that left the Air Force with a major ... tags: aircareyfiredforcegeneral_michael_carey_drunk_misconductgeneral_michael_carey_russiamajor

Rihanna Gets Teyana Taylor Fired from Adidas

Taylor Swift almost got a Victoria's Secret model fired and now Rihanna got someone else the boot. tags: adidasadidas_droppedfiredmodamobpetitionrihannastatement