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Financial Tips for Women

Maribel Aber is here to provide women with information to make the best financial decisions for their family. tags: 401kBetter.TVBusiness_Personal_Financefinance_tipsFinancialfinancial_planningfor

Market Losses Sees Economists Predict a Possible Bear Market

With downturns in world markets and the Dow at a 3-month low, economists are predicting a possible bear market. Plus House to vote on a ... tags: asian_stock_marketsBearbusiness_adviceBusiness_EconomyEconomistseuropean_stock_marketfinance_tips

Good News for GM

The automaker says booming demand for new models and cost-cutting tactics allowed it to post a 865 million quarterly profit - its first in ... tags: business_adviceBusiness_Economyfamily_vacationsfinance_tipsfinancial_advicefinancial_updatesfor

Buying a Home? Not So Fast

Author Moshe Milevsky explains why buying a home is a bad financial choice for many young people. Also How to 'pensionize' your 401k, and ... tags: balancebusiness_adviceBusiness_Real_EstateBuyingEric_SchurenbergFastfinance_tips

Are Kids Assets or Liabilities?

Author Moshe Milevsky says the first 18 years of your child's life will cost you about 170,000. But studies show this might be a good ... tags: AreAssetsbusiness_adviceBusiness_Personal_Financechild_costsfinance_tipsfinancial_advice

GM Posts $865 Million Earnings

The automaker reports its first quarterly profit in three years. Plus Europe's debt crisis continues to affect world markets. tags: $865business_adviceBusiness_EconomyEarningseuropean_economy_crisisfinance_tipsfinancial_advice

Greece May Sue U.S. Banks Over Debt Crisis

The Euro fell to a four year low causing ripple effects to Asian Markets. Late credit card payments are down, the delinquency rate fell to ... tags: Banksbusiness_adviceBusiness_Economycredit_card_reformdropGreecefinance_tipsfinancial_advice

No Criminal Charges for AIG

Top executives could still face civil charges as the SEC continues investigation. Plus Mortgage rates are the lowest in 50 years. tags: AIGAIG_bailoutbusiness_adviceBusiness_EconomyChargesCriminalfinance_tips

British Airways Attendants Strike

After weekend talks fail, the cabin crews walked the airline will cancel half its flights. Plus AIG officials dodge criminal charges, but ... tags: AIG_criminal_chargeAirwaysAttendantsBritishbrittish_airways_strikebusiness_adviceBusiness_Economy

Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Don't let that trip down the aisle drain your bank account. MoneyWatch's Jill Schlesinger reports on how to keep wedding costs down. tags: Budgetbudget_weddingbusiness_advicefinance_tipsfinancial_dvicefinancial_updatesJill_Schlesinger

Fed Joins EU in Greek Bailout

The European Union and the International Monetary Fund agreed to 560 billion in new loans for debt relief. Plus Decline in late mortgage ... tags: Bailoutbusiness_adviceBusiness_Economycrudedeclineeconomy_newsFed