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NY Film Critics Apologize For Heckling Of McQueen

Hollywood's award season, never known for civility, is roiling from a heckling incident between 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen and ... tags: 12_Years_a_SlaveAmerican_HustleArmond_WhiteBritish_artBritish_peopleDeadline_HollywoodFilm_criticism

Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day

Hollywood's award season, never known for civility, is roiling from a heckling incident between 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen and ... tags: Alexander_SkarsgårdAmerican_film_actorsArmond_WhiteBill_Skarsg��rdBritish_peopleCinema_of_SwedenFilm_criticism

Rageaholic Movie Review: BLACK RAIN

An American Cop in Japan. Their country. Their laws. Their game. My review. Intro Music Breaker - Get Tough Ending Music Autograph - More ... tags: Action_FilmBlack_RainFilm_criticismKen_TakakuraMichael_DouglasRageaholic_Movie_ReviewRazörFist

Dark Knight Writhing - Rant #21

Having seen the latest Nolan opus, RazrFist seats himself and releases the safety on the rant reflex. The first five rows may get wet. tags: Anne_HathawayBatmanCatwomanChristian_BaleFilm_CriticismRantRazörFist

Rageaholic Movie Review: SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO

If you thought Fat Man and Little Boy were the most damaging things to ever befall the Japanese people, clearly, you're unfamiliar with ... tags: Action_FilmBrandon_LeeDolph_LundgrenFilm_criticismRazörFistShowdown_in_Little_TokyoThe_Rageaholic

Rageaholic Movie Review: COMMANDO

Celebrate the month in which America achieved its independence by watching Arnold Schwarzenegger blow up a large portion of it. Brace for ... tags: 1985Action_FilmArnold_SchwarzeneggerCommandoExplosionFilm_CriticismRazörFist

Rageaholic Movie Review: COBRA

Brace for maximum awesome as RazrFist revisits the 1986 Stallone action classic 'Cobra'. Warning - Contains cow defecation and liberal use ... tags: Action_FilmCobraFilm_criticismRazörFistThe_Rageaholic

Rageaholic Movie Review: ABRAXAS: Guardian of the Universe

The Rageaholic digs up a movie best left buried and rotting, when he takes on the 1991 B-Action Disaster 'Abraxas', featuring former ... tags: Abraxas_Guardian_of_the_UniverseAction_FilmFilm_criticismJesse_VenturaRazörFistThe_Rageaholic

Rageaholic Movie Review: OUT FOR JUSTICE

With all the hatred RazrFist has been hurling at the video game industry, we were about due for a good old fashioned '80s / '90s action ... tags: Action_FilmFilm_criticismOut_for_JusticeRazörFistSteven_SeagalThe_Rageaholic

Rageaholic Movie Review: INVASION U.S.A

Grab some popcorn and a flanel shirt and gather round, Rageaholics It's time for yet another '80s action movie review, this time featuring ... tags: Action_FilmChuck_NorrisFilm_criticismInvasion_U.S.A.RazörFistThe_Rageaholic

Rageaholic Movie Review: STREET FIGHTER: The Legend of Chun-Li

In his latest film review, RazrFist has a gander at Capcom's latest mistake, the modern remake of the already incomparably awful Street ... tags: Action_FilmFilm_criticismRageaholic_Movie_ReviewRazörFistStand-up_comedyStreet_Fighter:_The_Legend_of_Chun-LiThe_Rageaholic

Rageaholic Movie Review: ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE

In today's Rageaholic Movie Review, RazrFist exposes a movie that is even worse than Manos The Hands of Fate. Yes... yes, that is possible. ... tags: Film_criticismJon_Mikl_ThorRageaholic_Movie_ReviewRazörFistRock_n_Roll_NightmareThe_Edge_of_HellThe_Rageaholic