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Télézapping : Les derniers jours de l'ampoule

Tlzapping du mardi 9 dcembre 2008. Tlzapping, la revue de presse quotidienne des journaux tlviss de la mi-journe. Images TF1, France 2, ... tags: ampouleécologiebasseborlooconsommationfilamentincandescence

NASA SDO - NASA SDO - Five Solar Eruptions in Two Days (Feb 23 - 24, 2012)

From February 23 through February 24 our Sun produced an astonishing five solar eruptions, launched from the top, bottom, left and right ... tags: CMEDynamicsfilamentflaresNASAObservatorySDO

NASA SDO - C2-Class Solar Flare, Januar 5, 2012

Even though solar activity has been low the past few days, here is a beautiful C2.2-Class Solar Flare from just a few hours ago. This video ... tags: AstronomyEVEfieldfilamentFlarelinesmagnetic

Earth Directed CME / Solar Watch Oct 5, 2011

Solar Storm arriving to Earth today or tomorrow from Oct 1st flare blast The NASA SOHO Spacecraft recorded a solar flare that sent material ... tags: activeanomaliesauroraCMEEducationeruptionFilament

Sun Diving Comet & M3.9 Flare / Solar Watch Oct 3,2011

DOUBLE ERUPTION On October 1st around 1017 UT, widely-spaced sunspots 1302 and 1305 erupted in quick succession, revealing a long-distance ... tags: activeanomaliesCMEEducationeruptionFilamentflare

G4 Geomagnetic Storm / Solar Watch Sep 27, 2011

GEOMAGNETIC STORM--IN PROGRESS High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. A strong Kp=8 geomagnetic storm is in progress. ... tags: activeanomaliesCMEEducationeruptionFilamentflare

X1.9 Class Solar Flare / Solar Watch Sep 24, 2011

SATURDAY X-FLARE Behemoth sunspot unleashed another strong flare on Saturday morning--an X1.9-category blast at 0940 UT. The explosion ... tags: activeanomaliesCMEEducationeruptionFilamentflare

G3 Geomagnetic Storm / Solar Watch Sep 10, 2011

GEOMAGNETIC STORM A strong geomagnetic storm Kp=7 is in progress following the impact of a CME around 1130 UT on Sept. 9th. This could be ... tags: activeanomaliesCMEEducationeruptionFilamentFlare


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Earth Directed CME / Solar Watch June 23, 2011

STORM WARNING A fast-moving stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth's magnetic field. The combined effect of this stream plus a CME ... tags: activeanomaliesCMEEducationeruptionFilamentFlare

Solar Tsunami & M-Flare / Solar Watch June 15, 2011

Big active region 11236 is crackling with M-class solar flares. This newly numbered region has turned the north-eastern limb and looks like ... tags: activeanomaliesCMEEducationeruptionFilamentFlare

Massive Prominence Eruption / CME June 7 , 2011

M-FLARE AND RADIATION STORM This morning around 0641 UT, magnetic fields above sunspot complex 1226-1227 became unstable and erupted. The ... tags: activeanomaliesCMEEducationeruptionFilamentFlare